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(Speed Paint) Sunset Shimmer Day

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This picture has AT-MOS-PHERE and I love it. (:

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So warm and relaxing, I love it! :D
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Hey. Mind if I sit?
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Enjoying your coffee, Sunny?
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She looks so cuddly.
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The sunset was beautiful in the autumn afternoon. Sunset had been looking out the winner of the train. She was focused on the scneary while I finished my hot chocolate a little while ago.

I guess after everything that happened, taking it easy seemed to be the logical thing. We would be reach Vanhoover by morning. I guess it was the best she switched schools and started anew. I;m just glad I was able to come with.
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beautiful, just like impressionism painting.
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I am really impressed
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me: exuse me, is this seat taken?
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Me: yes yes it is!
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I'll fight you for it.
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You would not stand a chance!
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Aww, Sunset looks super cute, and I love the colors in the background. Good work. :)
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Scout: so why did you want to see me?

Sunset: look the team may think you're a bit of a kid at some times but I see a boy who looks like he could use 

Scout: what? 

Sunset: This *kiss on lips*
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There was a time when I lived to be alone where I saw the fall as a time I could hide. Matching colors and growing shadows appealed to me when all I would need is to move unseen.
But now I have friends that know where I've been and want to lead me to brighter places. So now the fall just means change is n the air just as change happened in me.
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Awwww... how pretty! :D
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"That's what I love about Autumn. The colors of the leaves goes with my man- ,er hair. But I can't stand the cooler weather, though."
Lovely work
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Very beautifully done.
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Very nice! Love the color palette!
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Her next drink is on me ;)
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Warm colors are always the colors of ending, i.e. autumn, evening. Has a nice feeling. I like trains.
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