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Speed Paint - Starlight Glimmer's New Manestyle

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Somehow, I always felt Rarity had a hand in restyling Starlight's mane. Only she would be capable of making such perfect bang curls.

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Starlight doesn't sound so sure there! I'll admit, I liked her season five style a lot more.

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Wait, her mane changed?  I went all of season 6 and didn't notice...

Oh God.  Now I feel like an idiot...
This is lovely! Her new manestlye is so much better than her old one.
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You know the first thing I noticed about her hair style was it's similarities to Rarity's
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I like her new mane style.
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Patreon...? Really?
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I really like her-

:iconsweetiebelleplz: :iconsaysplz: NO! That is MY WORD! Y'all mother buckers can't use it.
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What happens when you use Sweetie Belle's intellectual property.

(the quote is supposed to be "I really like her mane")
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I was wondering why her hair style looks a lot like Rarity's now.
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This image has been featured here on our page, if that's ok? ^^…
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Ya know you like it :D
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lol reminds me of spoiled rich. I like it ^^
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Dude, I was thinking the same thing. I HATED Spoiled Rich, but the haircut on Starlight Glimmer is just TOTES adorbs to me.
cursedinfernus's avatar
That's a pretty common feeling about spoiled rich x). Agreed, it does suit her. It doesn't mean that the artist was inspired by her manestyle though.
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Huh, I understand. It'll take time for people to get used to new things.
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Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who saw that.  The resemblance freaked me out a bit at first!
cursedinfernus's avatar
Well seeing how the character is, I can understand that it freaked you out at first xD
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My headcanon more points toward Yoshi doing it by accident.
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