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(Speed Paint) Sci Twi Rocks!

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Timber: That's my girl.
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"And that was MC Silver Spoon doing her Britcore trash talk parody of Silver Bullet's '20 Seconds To Comply', as featured in the special Britcore edition of 'Raiders Of The Lost Mark' from Season 5: The Extended Episodes, now on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital download. Way to put Diamond Tiara on the spot! Later on, Trixie Lulamoon and the Illusions will perform some songs off their new album, but first, Twilight Sparkle and Jake 'Rex The Dog' Williams perform for you live, 'Winter Wrap Up 2018 (Rex The Dog Extended Version)'. And also see Diamond Tiara perform a Britcore version of 'The Pony I Want To Be'. That should give us some more Diamond Tiara as well!"
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she sing the part "hey, hey, hey" part on the song: BE THE LEGEND YOUR MET TO BE.

nice art.
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Preciosa, mi sci-twilight jeje :D
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So adorbs adorbs. :)
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Rock on Twilight. XD
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I like your style Green Heart Icon 
Keep it up Blue Heart Icon 
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q linda sci-twi, aunque ella es mas esbelta
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The most beautiful girl in the EQG universe!
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Looks like her cups are bigger.
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With my all due, she doesn't. And no: that has nothing to do with your ability to draw or style.
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Well...o.k. No character is loved by everyone.
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And hoooooooooope shines eternal! I can hear those lyrics.
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She look so beautiful
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