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I SWEAR there are MLP fans in that studio.

I did a post about this with half a page worth similarities...


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Sombra should boop Sombra.
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Glim Glam!! <3 <3   ^_^ :D
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Te estas metiendo con quien no debes. 
best crossover idea ever
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stocking up on favors …
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I'm suprised that the girl's name is sombra.
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how does this make sense?
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I will be in touch
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So cute and that was really fast.
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Do you really feel the need to turn everything there is into fucking ponies?
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Oh look, someone's h3h3Productions #triggered (chat/comment emoticon) 
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He does.
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If you don't like it then why bother? 
Yes. Go troll elsewhere.
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I'm asking him, not one of his ass kisser
(who the fuck uses the word "trolling" in 2016? lmao)
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Sombra: "So, you gonna be my new friend? Or is Celestia gonna find out about you helping that burly gu-MM!"
Suddenly, B.J. Blazkowicz puts Sombra in a sleeper hold.
Blazkowicz: "You're not gonna tell her. She is."
Starlight: "What?"
Blazkowicz: "The sooner she knows, the sooner I get her trust."
Sombra: "Or I couuuuuuuuuhh..."
Blazkowicz applies pressure and knocks out Sombra.
Blazkowicz: "We'll do it. Togeather."
Starlight: "... Alright."
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Dont put Blazkowicz into this pony fanfiction faggotry
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Too late. I've already been working on a fic involving Blazkowicz kithchen ace and taking names in Equestria. How did he get there? Well, Deathshead's compound was blown up by a nuclear weapon. Who knows what kind of tech Deathshead disigned. Maybe he made a multiversal teleporter that the energy of the EMP effect off a nuke could charge. Spoiler: The thing was blown up, sending Billy Boy and fifteen Nazis to Equestria. I spoil no further...
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That was decent until the pony part, seriously remove that
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The whole point of the fic is a war-torn soldier who's been through nothing but straight violence for several years with little to no brake suddenly ends up in a land of peaceful creatures with absolutely no war to fight and foes that are easy for him. And even then, his defeating of enemies is left very unappreciated. What will an old dog of war do when he's finally given peace and love?... Love being the pony Starlight Glimmer because she understands Blazkowicz and frequently helps him.
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