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Season 6 Finale Prediction

Wonder if this will happen? :0
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Spell of corruption
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She's far less demonic this season. 
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Hey, can you spell "F:iconcensoredplz:cked?"
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Still Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdorable!:)
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You know the season 6 finale was leaked a couple of days ago, right? Watch it yet?
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Wished this happend, but an old villain retuned instead. Oh well
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What does this remind me of…DBZ…Sailor Moon, or Yugio…You make the call.
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Omen version mlp
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Well Flurry Heart IS basically the villain in her debut episode so I am not surprised.
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not really, she be simply out magic and she need to calm down, she too young to be evil, she a baby, she don't know what she doing if is good or bad, fans make her look evil is for reason of hating her and see her destroy the crystal heart right from everyone make them believe is true, when is be unwanted by her

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I think this make sense.
She is the first alicorn who born as alicorn.
I think Celestia and Luna and Cadence and Twilight have something in common. It is leadership, responsibility, and modesty.
They proved these virtue. So the Harmony turned them into alicorn princess.
But about Flurry Heart? She doesn't have to prove it!
I think Cadence and Shining Armer must take care to teach Flurry Heart.
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The writers have said that Celestia and Luna were both born alicorns, but it was before Equestria was founded. Flurry Heart was the first alicorn born in Equestria since it was founded.
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If that is true, Why Celestia and Luna can't understand Flurry Heart born as alicorn?
And Rarity said about other princess' aliconize and Celestia and Luna didn't refutated.

And one more. How can Luna and Celestia born as alicorn? They doesn't have alicorn parents. At least Flurry Heart's mom is alicorn. But Celestia and Luna's parents are not.
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I think this episode's most important thing isn't Flurry Heart's birth. It's aliconize of Celestia and Luna. It's the first episode of season. The characters emphasized several times. The first episode of season have the most important clue since season 4. But you say so, well,
Let's just watch how the show continue...
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Now there is a role for Flurry Heart that I would be excited to watch.
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I doubt that would happen. It's not really a good idea and it doesn't make much sense, either.
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Oh, but if King Sombra cursed the baby then he would be somewhat threatening.  And we can't have that now can we, writers?!
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