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S8E8 - Let Us Live Our Lives

What i see happening after the final moments of the episode!
Also, The Aggretsuko reference was totally appropriate for this episode!

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So goooooooooooood~~~~

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I feel AGRETSKO feeling.
Oh come on Starlight! Let them get married they be too busy making babies to bother you two from then on in.
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Is it weird to marry your kid's spouse's parent? I think it's weird. 
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Glimglam is now Retsuko. It honestly makes sense.XD
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la buena de ritsuko XD
Thank you for this gem
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mlp needs more aggretsuko refrences
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I thought both of them was going to be Sunburst parents when I heard the set up for this. Mostly cause the staff was making it sound like that Starlight was an orphan 
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LOL : ) I love Starlight in the last panel.
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I was waiting for someone to ship this.
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I think Starlight's mom and Sunburst's dad would do the same thing.
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XD haha I like your comic strip

Well, It's my idea about new comic strip. Whatever, I think the new idea about new comic strip. =3=;
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I love the reference. ;) Resuko!!!
匹, the measure word of equine in Chinese, appeared on Starlight's forehead.
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its a reference to the anime Aggretsuko
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I believe it's supposed to be the word for "Equal?" Retsuko apparently has the word for "Rage."
It's not. "Equal" would be 平. Lazibayer is correct. Ironically, 匹 also means a mate or one part of a pair. As a lexeme it's often part of words and phrases that refer to matching.
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oh wait i get it starlight has her whole thing with equality but its still a reference to Aggretsuko
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Omg I love that anime! I watched all of the episodes and I'm hooked
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yeah i really should finish it its so good
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