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S8E11 - Spike Gets His Wings

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Is Scootaloo's face referenced from The Binding of Issac?
MontiRedDragon's avatar
Scootaloo: DAMMIT DAMMIT... dammit... 😢
The10thFirefly's avatar
Oh dear. That completely slipped my mind XD
paladin095's avatar
JAJAJA! Jesus why!? XDDD (lol that reference)
Anti-Viruse's avatar
Peter Pan emoticoneHe can fly.
Three little pigs win again :DHe can fly.
Meta Knight LLLLAAAAAAAA EmoteHe can talk?   
DylanCArt's avatar
Nice art work you did.
LucianAmpersandDerpy's avatar
it would not be enough to say that Scootaloo's face is priceless.
Animewolfgamer's avatar
I really shouldn't be laughing but i am XD 
LuismiPro465's avatar
Looks like Isaac xD

Hmm, The Binding Of Scootaloo: Rewing
dafk189's avatar
Starting to get annoyed that they won't let Scootaloo fly. Why the hell are they refusing to have Scootaloo actually fly?! Really, can't they have a single episode where she can actually fly or are they saving that for a future episode or season?!
Daniel-Gleebits's avatar
You know, I always rather hoped that Scootaloo wouldn't ever be able to fly, and come to accept that she's so much more than what her species can do. But as we get more episodes like this one, I feel so bad for her.

Marleo2001's avatar
It really was a detail to give wings to Spike but with all the transformation they had to change their colors a bit and a little more in size
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
Spike must be feeling very proud of himself right now.

And poor Scootaloo. I'm sure she just needs to learn. Considering we've had stuff like Twilight becomes a princess, Crusaders get their cutie-marks, then Spike gets his wings. I bet the next life changing episode will be Scootaloo learns to fly.
templar127's avatar
I swear one day Scoots is gonna feel like that
Bubblegumdove's avatar
Someone is most definitely "scootin' for a bootin'"...
bookwormsteve's avatar
SammyW28's avatar
Stupid Hasbro restrictions...
karkovice1's avatar
Poor Scoots! :(

Maybe she should move to Mount Aris and become a seapony. :/
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