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S7E14 - Measuring Tape


For NSFW version:

For the HQ version of this picture be in at least the $5 patreon slot before the month ends!

If you like my artwork please consider supporting me at patreon! Your support is what keeps me creating! Thanks! ^^
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Maverickwolfzx's avatar
You'll need to add a couple extra sizes to that.

Kleiner-Jay's avatar
Zoey on FF6 (Furious Fluttershy): louis! why would you do that to me?!
Louis on FF6 (Rarity (laugh) plz): my bad.
karkovice1's avatar
:iconrarityitisonplz: :iconsays3plz: It seems your flank has GROWN a bit since last time I measured it.

:iconfluttershystareplz: :iconsays3plz: Really!!?
speedox12's avatar
Da booty, it just keeps growing.
Rookie109's avatar
It round and squishy!
KingXanaduu's avatar
The plot is EXTRA THICC in this one.
Extra    T H I C C!!!!!!

You can buck my head now Fluttershy. XD
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randumchris1's avatar
When the plot gets thicc near the end.

I'm not sorry.
ooReiko's avatar
TheOtterPony's avatar
Rarity: [mutters] "This needs some extra fabric..."

Fluttershy: *kick*
X-Force02ranger's avatar
LOL XD she has the bigger butt XD
Renginer's avatar
OrchuaMorceto's avatar
jmkplover's avatar
The plot thickens... by an inch and a half.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
I don't think she's in the mood, Rarity.
evangelian007's avatar
I know Rarity's under stress(Stress couture to be exact) but why is hse measuring Fluttershy's butt? Is she aware that her ass is not happy at the moment? :XD:
Eskerata's avatar
Rarity likes twinkie-butt and she cannot lie.
AwesomePrime343's avatar
Fluttershy: Look at my butt again rarity and you'll face my stench!
ABrightSide's avatar
Well, you just ruined Fluttershy for me...
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