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S7E1-2 - Teacups and Disappearing



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:icontrixiecrunchysiplz You're so close? Its freaky time already?
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Starlight: "You want a teacup, I'll give a tea cup! Right up your Fl...."
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...Okay, so maybe this ship does have potential.
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How telling is it that Trixie's teacups have the same colouring as Starlight? Lewd...
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When that red aura appeared, I'm like "whoa" O__O

The last time I saw something like that was King Sombra's magic aura.  And I thought the worse.
Pure Wrath In Tappable energy
That is scary
"Mini-Twilight"...yet another in-show meta-humor joke. :P
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Seem that them gonna fight! Ooops-Silly Grin 
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this episode just made me ship them more xD
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Do you want to see the magic trick? I can make the pen... table disappear!
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Trixie's face is priceless XD
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Starlight: Do you know where I gonna put your teacups?!

BEautiful work
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And then they made sweet love~ ^-^

-no stop that! Im not even i shipper!
Really nice work though
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Starlight Glimmer, more like Starlight Trigger.
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