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S6E09 - OCD to the max

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Well then tell me where the index to your heart is. :3

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Ooooh Twilight, I'm so turned on right now!
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That picture frame ..... those hoodie strings...
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They are driving me insane...
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Unequal pizza slices.....
Fonts of different sizes....
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it's more than i can take...
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....missing parentheses, uneven Kapris, googling askew. .....
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I got to make things right...
Make it the way it's supposed to be...
Its my OCD...
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my bad i mean...

"bags open should be counted as a sin along with...
an unsolved Rubik's cube"....

I gotta make things right...
make it the way its supposed to be....
its my OCD...
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Unequal pizza slices..... Fonts of different sizes.....
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you just said that lol also

"Toilet paper facing inwards...

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Oh, Twilight! You are your obsession with books! :D (Big Grin) 
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That is most intriguing, Miss Sparkle.
Now, if you could explain what the half of the things you just said actually means.
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oww.. that sweep face..
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REALLY? how that can be 3 second ? HOW? LOL:D
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Sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep
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Hey if it works right? Makes finding things easier!
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see that, she has books on her head, that's how you get girls!!
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Take those books off your head you silly horse! :D
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
Twilight looks so cute when she gets like this! XD
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I knew if there was someone who could setup better indexes than me, it would be Twilight xD.

Stoopid, egg-head, sexy Twilight.

Btw excellent re-draw.
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Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep
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