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S6E07 - Channeling Rarity's Charm

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...I just found this artist, how are our usernames so similar?!
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I think I've seen a similar image as this one. But it looked different cuz the two were doing something else.
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There is, isn't there? I remember seeing it.
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Oh, RD is a Dopple now. ^^
Oh what's this? There's a NSFW followup?
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Face it, Rainbow Dash. :no:

You'll never have Rarity's charm and beauty.Rarity (blink eye) plz 

You'll never have Fluttershy's sweet and adorableness. Fluttershy (talking,laughing) plz 

You'll never have Twilight's knowledge and leadership. Twilight (Wink) Plz 

You'll never have Applejack's strength and hard working nature. Applejack (Aw Shucks!) Plz 

And you'll never meet the standards of Pinkie Pie's crazy, 4th wall breaking randomness. Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz 

You can only be you. And just because she had a bad nickname doesn't mean she should go around being someone she's not. It'd be better instead of impersonating her friends all the time. Even if some impressions made me laugh a bit. ;P
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really it will not be 100% as the mane 5 more through the pinkie it may be because in the episode "macks of chronic" you can see that so pinkie is what it is today due to the Rainbow Dash sonic Rainbow it did a wave of Rainbow Pinkie Pie in the Rainbow did that with Pinkie .... I do not doubt the Rainbow have the abilities of the pinkie because to it have passed extreme joy and randomness to it with Rainbows powers she probably has it so that it controls more than Pinkie more ... is serious look at the episode chronic brands in flashback Pinkie Pie you can see that the wave of Sonic Rainbow, Rainbow Dash reaches Pinkie reaches knocks her flat and her hair is wrapped ..... think pinkie would not be what it is if it were not for Rainbow Dash .... (Rainbow Dash can be secretly worse than pinkie)
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Something so un-Rainbow Dashy :D
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Wow, I love the style, the coloring and the expressions. This is so smexy Britney Spears - Toxic 

Dat sassy Rainbow Fash
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"You. Me. Bedroom."
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Hehe that was a great ep!! Loved the Dashie character/mane swap (sooo love that mane swaps are canon now <3 <3).  She looked soooo Mmmm <3 <3 as Raridash. :D
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someone besides me notice that when she would imitate Rartiy she seemed more nervous she first looked at the Soarin took a deep breath and said "okay" (I found odd XD) other imitations she was not so nervous I found rather odd XD I laughed a lot scene this hahah.

my favorite imitations



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YESSS, I noticed that too XDDD

And it seems to me that she was looking specifically for him to do that impersonation. I mean, from all ponies, if she was just going to talk about uniforms and fashion, why she chose him??? Because she was planning to flirt since the begining, and she probably thought that she had a better chance to get what she wanted doing it with him. Maybe she thought "okay, if I have to flirt with somepony, this got to be with Soarin" and that kiiiiiiils me everytime I think about it Rainbow Dash (snow pony) plz 
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Not odd at all!
When I wanted to approach to my crush... I had to take a deep breath before try to talk to him! <3
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you are sure anyone will be nervous When will flirt with your secret passion: 3
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exactly!!! <3 
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Rainbow fash is best Rarity ! (Rarity excluded of course)
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And after this day, the locker room of the Wonderbolts was never the same again.....
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