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S5e7 - datealoo

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What's wrong, Scoots...? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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"Datealoo"  BWahahah  XD   too funny, literally on the floor on this side..  hehe
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I see a wingboner Balloon Boy's Coming for that booty(batteries) 

Rainbow Dash: first of all, there is no such thing as a wingboner. And second that very inappropriate to say to a kid, the reason why her wings like that because she wants to fly that why.

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Me too!  Me too! 
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This is getting 2secksee4her
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I'm guessing that Datealoo approves? :D
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This feels like incest.
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Gotta agree with you on that.
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"Datealoo" - heh, that's great.
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Rarity using "date" was such ship bait it hurt.
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Oh scoot...

Hey There..... (Foxy Chat Icon) 
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What if Scootaloo was hanging out with Foxy FnaF Icon [55] - Safra's Rape Face 
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Is Scoot that excited to be around Rainbow here?..for sister reasons or, other reasons :p
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"My first wingboner" story by Scootaloo
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Yes! Thank you for drawing this!
That's the exact kind of fanart I have waited for after this episode! :D
I love this sentence from Rarity and the reveal that goes along with it so much! That's my second-favourite moment of the season now! :)

Scootaloo looks so cute here. :) She has a serious crush right now. <3

Edit: I wish I could favourite this picture twice..... Oh wait, I can! I just favourite it on Derpibooru too! :D
It's something I usually don't do with pictures that I find there and that were uploaded to Deviantart, but this picture is worth it to make an exception! :D
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Llllllllesbian. I like. ;)
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Awesome Work! This is Great! 
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Obvious joke in 5





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Dash has got you all excited now, Scoots. Love 
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