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Rubbing all the princesses cheeks!


video version (higher quality):


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Flurry heart cheek rubs by luminaura
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10/10 for cuteness!

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Ahh, like this.

Wonder what animation program you used for this. 
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Luna is not amused
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This is exactly what I thought before scrolling down!
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Before Flurry Heart was born Twilight was desperate to establish and prove her position as the one and only cutest little alicorn in existence for she knew nopony could contend with a filly's cuteness.
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the moment with Selestia is a little bit offending :D (Big Grin) 

WTF brain. I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! :happybounce: Giggle Clap 

- good work.

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is celestia not selestia but is ok to make mistale i do the same
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let me fix it - o -  XD

lol  cant fix it . its set in stone.  - -
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oh is ok you learn your mistake
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Cadence: Oh hi twilight
Celestia : What are you doing twilight?
Luna      : Eh, This is fine
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too kawaii for this world
this is adorable!
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Sorry, I had to put that emoticon there. This is SO ADORABLE! :heart:
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I favored this becouse thought this was funny
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Spike gets all the mares, Twilight gets all the cheeks.

Also it's just funny to me how Luna has the expression of either "kill me now." or "I am loving this but I refuse to show it.
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same here but to me it all funny :3
Just wanted to say, I was listening to this song and the cheek rubbing was going in time with the music at about 2:25 into the song. It was just a cool thing I noticed and thought might be something other people could get a smile from.
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What about Flurryheart!?
Too late, Smiley! Ah did it first!.... >8)
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Watch out, Princesses!  It's a Serial Power-Rubbist!

All the cheeks!  All the rubs!  All the time!

Luna, you're so stolid!   You weren't like that before the Moon!
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