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Rarity's snow outfit

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Boy: No
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Boy: No
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Fabulous, dahling etc.
Not sure if...

Seeing Rarity's natural skin color or...

Outfit the same color as her skin with her Cutie Mark on it...
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Rarity looked stylish as always.
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Rarity: -My darling comrade, let's drink together!
Vodka, Ushanka, Balalaika :D

Hello from Russia. Мы не алкоголики, правда! :)
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Winter fashion. But in time for wearing them, they will be out of fashion.

BEautiful work
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dat ushanka hmmmm
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For some reason my first impression in the episode itself was that she's wearing a (possibly see-through) ski suit.
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That hat looks gorgeous, dahling!
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Love Rarity's winter outfit XD
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I'll be honest, she looks Russian. :shrug:
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Rarity out did her fashion with this Winter statement.
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You're always so on point with  your fan art.
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She does look nice in that, but are the glasses necessary? What kind of glasses are they suppose to be? Snow glasses?
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I have 4 guesses for this:

1. guess: The glasses protects her eyes of the little snowflakes who could fly into her eyes.
2. guess: The glasses protects her eyes of the cold wind (funny, she wears glasses for protection but the most parts of her body are naked).
3. guess: The glasses are sunglasses who protects her eyes of sunshine which is really intensive when it shines on the white snow (snow blindness).
4. guess: The glasses are just an accessory.

Maybe it is also a combination of all. 
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that hat just that hat looks so  beautiful
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she is so beautiful
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