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One Punch Girl

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so is miss super strength  Maud or another pony girl?
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Funnily enough, during Saitama's fight against Boros...*SPOILERS*

...when I saw that Saitama got sent to the moon by Boros, Nightmare Moon was the very first thing I thought of!
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Awesome! But... which pony is she supposed to be a human version of?
DCarrier's avatar
She's that really strong filly from the episode where Diamond Tiara got redeemed. Apparently, her name is Lily Longsocks.
The-Stargrazer's avatar
Oh wow, I completely forgot about her!
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loving one punch man so much! this is super cute!
Warif's avatar
Why is not bald, or is it a wig?
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It's awesome that girls with no muscles have super strength!  
TheMicroscopicBoy's avatar
AJ has no muscles yet she has super strength  :P 

Lily must be working out with AJ lol 
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giving superman a run for his money
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This is a cutely formidable scene! :dalove:
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Hehe how cute!! :aww:
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PLS draw her punching something while doing a cute "KYAAAAAAAAA!" scream (with her eyes closed), whatever she punched is pulverize.
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LOve it Love Love Love CURSE YOU! 
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She's my favorite background pony so far. she's cute and adorable and strong as steel. SHE COULD BE A SUPER HERO!
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aww so cute^^ all jokes aside that show is so amazing btw~
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