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Mmmm Pie

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whats this from what ep?
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I want a slice too T^T
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That's a pie to share.
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That's how I eat pie when I'm alone. :XD:
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I love how Diamond isn't even trying to be prim and proper here, she's having so much fun with Silver and her NEW FRIEND!
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She's mellowed out since the Crusaders helped her realize what her Cutie Mark meant. Besides, her father's watching them, and he doesn't care if they eat like slobs as long as they clean up.
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I so hope they don't turn Filthy into a jerk to justify him being with Spoiled.  I love his relationship with Diamond and I want nothing more than for the two of them to be happy and hey, if that means he's gotta be a single father, I think he'd be up for the challenge.
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I just wrote something about their marriage as a matter of fact. He's saying how he knows how spoiled she's always been, but he loves her anyway. She's not as much of a jerk as it might seem on the surface(her own father lost everything when she was ten and she knows what it's like to be poor, money is one thing she does not let affect how she treats others).
She was far worse in the past, and his love changed her.
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Soarin I'll Take That Emoticon. May I join you girls?

GIF My Little Pony - That's a wierd question No offense, but grown men shouldn't hang with little girls. 

:iconsilverspoonsmile2plz: But he's a Wonderbolt! A WONDERBOLT.

Diamond Tiara Double Chin Who cares!

:iconsilverspoonsmile2plz: I do!

Diamond Tiara Double Chin ...

Soarin Embarrassed Emoticon. So... Does that mean I can have some pie now?

Diamond Tiara Double Chin You know what... Knock yourself out.

Bulk Biceps (yeah!) plz *Runs into the window* YEAH!

GIF My Little Pony - That's a wierd question UGH! Why does every pony in Equestria have to be an idiot?
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Because are stallions.
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Wouldn't mind see these three doing things in the background again :3
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MMMMMMM Apple pie, Delicious. XD
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Cute :D I am a dummy! Love La la la la :happybounce: 
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Who is that other pony? 
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Aww, really adorable!
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That scene was already adorable and you went and made it so much cuter. I hate it when folks do tha- :iconhnnnnngplz:
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So adorable 
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