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Inner fire


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She's so hot that I burned my fingers while typing this comment! Love 
AshlyStorm's avatar
it's so gorgeous ^^
Nyerguds's avatar
She can't just steal Yang's song! She'll get gauntlet-shotgunned! =p
TheDoubleDeuced's avatar
But Sunset's got magic
sonicspeedster92's avatar
He's gotcha there, Nyerguds.
Envirotech's avatar
loves the flames, very cool!! :D
residentsmile's avatar
Why does it feel nice and warm all of a sudden?

*turns around*

Oh hello there angry miss.
MrGasser95's avatar
°_°' uh, guys? I think Sunset has finally heard about her little 'nickname'!!
sonicspeedster92's avatar
Which one, Sunny or Baconmane?
MrGasser95's avatar
o_o *quietly* the extra crispy one!!
sonicspeedster92's avatar
Oh, she's gonna kill me.
MrGasser95's avatar
sonicspeedster92's avatar
I can't die a virgin! Oh, the irony!
MrGasser95's avatar
Then run! or better yet, hop in!! ( drives up in PT Cruiser convertable)
sonicspeedster92's avatar
*jumps in* Punch it!
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thespawnof66's avatar
It blows my mind that with all the talk about "Baconmane", the resemblance to fire has only now come into the conversation. Good job!
bruiser128's avatar
Who needs anger that makes you reckless, when one can channel it into their very presence.
GryphonStar5678's avatar
Sunset: Flash did you forget something very important about today.
TheDoubleDeuced's avatar
That "don't f*** with me" look.
AplReach's avatar she...m-m-mad at me? :scared: 
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