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I vant your great and powerful blood!

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"Dracula already told you! Dracula scrape, then lick!"

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trixie ya dejate q te coma toda.... 0_o....
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But Trixie is blue!
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Trixie - It's A Working Title Dammit at least buy Trixie a drink first!
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Trixie: W-what are you doing?!

Fluttershy: You taste like apples...

Trixie: I used apple scented body wash, that's it! ....crap.
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Starlight: So how was your blind date Trixie?

Trixie: She was just like all the others. They only like me for my blood.

Starlight: Maybe you should stop online dating.
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trixie: at least she closed the holes in my neck and gave me some grains to try and recover the blood loss after that. cant say the same about some other bat ponies
noooo not trixie XD
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Once you tasted to Trixie always you'll want more.
Trixie looks scared but neither is seen to oppose much resistance.
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Rainbow Power Flutterbat icon BLOOD!!! Give me your Blood!!
Trixie Crying NOOOO!!! my blood is of Diet!!!
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Ooooooh me bombs ! This is getting verrry secksee !
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Ahhhhhhhh... oh Cute
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she knows were the goods are
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Is Fluttershy touching Trixie's boob?
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Annnnnd the yuri fanfiction begins.....
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Im dracula! Bleh bleh bleh!
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I don't say "bleh bleh bleh"!
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Flutterbat likes the taste of Trixies with extra blood flavor. XD
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Flutterbat is her sexy phase ;)
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