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Good Morning Fluttershy

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Fluttershy: mom? but how you get in?
Ms Shy: you let your door unlock!
Fluttershy: is not a thief a steal something from me?
Ms Shy: no! if be a thief a force the lock of your door, your animal a will waik you up!
Flutttershy:......OH my! i forget to lock the door! i most be very sleepy?
Angel look fluttershy not happy for little mistake.
Ms Shy: you are be very lucky no thief come in to your home! but next time lock the door! angel? if she forget again? tell her!
Angel to the soldier pose.
Ms shy: now clear your self befor breakfeest!
Fluttershy: Mom,i am no longer a filly!
Ms Shy: i know! but to day, your father and youe brother will pass time as father and son and us as mother and dauther! oh i am so happy!
Fluttershy: me too Mom!
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Fluttershy: 'Sometimes my life feels like an outdated dating sim.'
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I hope it's pancakes!
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It looks like it! Are they CHOCOLATE CHIP pancakes!? Please say they are!spike (eat pancake) plz 
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may i use for cover of a fanfic
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yes. just be sure to give credit with a link to this picture. Also please link the fic here as well. :3
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i havent started yet but its called through shy eyes
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I dont know why but for some reason I can see this as a cover for a dark fic
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and your right,someone did a dark fic using this image as inspiration.
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Really? What's the name of the fic and can you send me the link please
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i can't remember,is something about fluttershy going coma and stuck inside a multi layer nightmare.To dark and i don't want to be reminded
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Well I was half right cause I thinking that the story was about fluttershy does see her mother but she's not really there cause she killed her own mother or her mother saved her and died due to fluttershys love for animals.
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what said may be false but i something about force to kill her own mother due to child abouse and the dream was like the alternate version of her mother,for fluttershy it's to perfect and so on so fort

you get the idea
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Uhh, that's Fluttershy's mom. . .
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yep,feel bit guilty
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Breakfast? OH BOY :D

*gets up and runs downstairs to the kitchen*
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Zephyr Breeze: "Hey Ma, why didn't you wake me for breakfast?"
Fluttershy: "She tried about 5 times before deciding 'you needed your sleep' more. Even though it's now past 2."
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The very notion of Mrs. Shy being pregnant with Fluttershy is like a turducken of cuteness.
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Rise and shine, Fluttershy. Rise and... shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has... come again.
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Fluttershy have such a sweet mother Awwww, they both with such adorableness , AWwww
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This gives me a "beginning of Chrono Trigger" vibe, wonder if it was intentional, assuming it wasn't for now
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