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Imagine maude doing perfect on that with a strait face.
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Okay I'm putting the best animation of a certain song here because it deserves it
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Dance baby dance!   XD
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Go pinkie go pinkie go
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That's.. not Pinkie. That is, as I am aware, Rave Pony, a, potentially, rogue Pinkie clone
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Correction: Rave Pony/ Pacific Glow
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Okay... I salute anyone who can manage to play DDR on the hardest difficulty without tripping or fucking up a perfect combo. 
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who here has got some theories on Pacific Glow?
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Imperfect Pinkie clone.
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Short skirts galore.
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Ya gotta love the modern shout-outs they reference every once in a while.
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Where can I get a muffin bucket?
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I don't know but I want one
Derpy seems to be enjoying that bucket of muffins.
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Yeap, who knew Las Pegasus is also  a theme park. :)
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I like this head cannon.
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Fuck Equestria Girls.
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