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Crushing Defeat \ Glorious Victory

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I'm guessing the judges were Bronies.
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Oh come on Rarity, if you lose, don't be a sore loser!
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Well, there's no shame in bein' beaten by the best Rarity.

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Winner takes it all,
Loser takes a fall
Fight to the beginning of the end
Winner takes it all
Until he breaks the fall
In time he'll make it over the top
(sammy hagar - Winner takes it all)
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Miss-dreamerkatHobbyist General Artist
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Urge to hurt derpy....rising...
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X-Force02rangerStudent Traditional Artist
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NUUU!!!!! Not the creative badge!!
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I think she has massively overreacted. This Applewood Derby is annual, right? How many more 1st Places has she won after her crushing defeat?
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LegobyteHobbyist Digital Artist
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EnvirotechHobbyist Photographer
hehe  Derpy is Raarity's mortal enemy.. XD bwahahah  yesh yesh yesh yesh Oh man, too perfectly funny :D   Can't look at my waifu the same way ever again, knowing, deep down, she begrudges Derpy for that one moment waaay back long ago.. hehe XD Oh..   ^_^ Great ep!!  (Still need to watch it again  >_<  darn works and stuff)  Awesome art as usual.
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That was one of the funniest Derpy cameos ever.:D (Big Grin) 
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Way to go, Derpy!
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BronymeisterHobbyist Digital Artist
Derpy: I'm #1, I'm #1!
*cues the Sad Mario theme*
Rarity: :'(
*years later*
Derpy: *runs away trollface*
Rarity: *chases Derpy* DON'T BUCKIN' RUN AWAY FROM ME!!!
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matmax426Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Rarity's face when she saw that 2nd Place ribbon was both horrifying and giggleworthy. When I saw she lost to Derpy, I was like, "whaaa?!"
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ooReikoStudent Artist
wow beautiful art =)=) 
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pugetteartist550Student Traditional Artist
I loved that scene!!! Poor little Rarity. But YAY DERPY!!!!!!
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GunnurBoyExoHobbyist Digital Artist
The Grand Prix Queen Derpy, Poor Rarity. :D
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jojobrowingmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hooray for Derpy 👍😄😃😀😊☺
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For every winner, there are dozens of losers.

Odds are you're one of them. :P
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For some reason I read that in the Most Interesting Man in the World's voice.
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