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:iconflurryheartplz: : (Yay, friendship!!!)
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"its just a phase"
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I understand that the team working on the episode had a limited amount of time do the episode, especially shoving in what the could in a half hour interval, plus any possible conundrums they might have encountered during the episode's production. Budget may have been a problem. I do believe they could've paced it better to where everything didn't seem rushed. Cadence and Shiny's 180 was really unrealistic and frankly the show no longer has the excuse of it being a kids show. The staff are well aware of who their aundience is. Most of them are pegsisters and bronies for Queen's sake! Sometimes I wish they'c find ways to make the show more intriguing and mature for the older fans whine keeping it safe for kids tk watch.

I don't like how we got little development before Thorax became the new ruler of the changelings. I don't exactly mind what the show did with him and the changelings but I would've preferred the changelings to physically stay the way they were. I don't mind modifications but the fact their appearances changed kinda weakens the moral of Tines are a changeling. I really wish the shush focused more on Thorax.
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Ahh flurry heart so cute!!
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The conclusion was forced and overly simplified. I mean seriously the whole 'Forgive and Forget' is not as simple or easy for others.
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The issue is more how the song is place at the end. What really should of happen is that he sing in the middle and then have a talk it out conversation. The episode is great and shows why spike is awesome but really the timing of that song should of been before the ending. 
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Yeah it would have been if it accompanied Thorax's becoming accepted 
by ponies while in disguise. 
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Really I say everything is good but the ending song had a horrible time to be there when its finally a spike song that isn't a joke. Still its better then how the carts before the ponies song is which is nothing but cringe and frusteration. 
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Well my scenario would really work if while Spike is searching for 
his friend, that he learns he is considered a traitor for bringing a 
changeling so close to the royals.
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Then songs plays ins. So really the song if place after that betrayal, would of been better at least. 
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Most definitely.
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Starlight looks bored XD
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Judging by her reaction at the end, Flurry Heart will grow up to love H.R. Giger's art.
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The ending in a nutshell XD
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Flurry Heart's horn still not big enough =P
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Lemongrab Icon UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
welp looks like spike's got some explaining to dookaay.... 
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Twilight's reaction is hilarious!
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Now that's awesome :3
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XD Flurry Though lol
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Cadence just HANDING Flurry to the creature that HISSED at her after a so-so two minute song made me grrr.
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