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As a matter of fact

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dksponge13Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's still surprising to me how Daring Do is NOT a fictional character in an action/adventure book series, but a REAL pony who goes on REAL adventures, uncovers REAL artifacts, fights REAL villains, and in the end, records her adventures in a series of bestselling novels under a fictitious pen name. 😮
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ElementShimmerHobbyist Photographer
Awww :)
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RD: We're more than friends.Wink/Razz
DD: No we're not.Facepalm 
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:icondaringdoplz::iconthinksplz: DASH WAT R U DOING?... DASH, STAHP!:iconthinksendplz:
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Yeah: that image was utterly epic. Thanks!
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Who let RD get to the Wine Cellar?!
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The Rainbow That Stole Christmas! XD
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BoyintheBlueBoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
That looks like Dash is giving a new version of "You mad?" face.
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SC902Hobbyist Digital Artist confirmed!
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Personal space Dash.

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themeanbean590Hobbyist Artist
More like a matter of face
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idrawsponyHobbyist General Artist
That was fucking priceless! xD Thanks for actually drawing it!! <3
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TsundraStudent General Artist
when I looked at that face I thought it .-. ---- >>>>…
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the real shipping of the episode.  Didja see how excited she was when Daring took her to the hotel room?
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Haruka--chanStudent Traditional Artist
This is awesome lol! Best facial expression that I've seen RD have in the show. (well, besides her face when she did the sonic rainboom lol)
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Went form "I ship it" face to "I hit that" face
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Derracias-35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Orgasm face?
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christeam3Student General Artist
Best episode ever😃
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lightyearpigHobbyist Artist
But can :iconrdsmugplz: be a match for :iconrdrapefaceplz:?
weehawk99's avatar
not quite.  she does have a lot of great meme faces.  But her excited ones are most adorable
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