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Applejack treat 30minutechallenge

30minutechallenge - applejack making a treat - 29:40 (belated draw)
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She has her oven in the forest ._.
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Can't say how much fun it is to watch the oven as your hard work slowly cooks into something soon rewarding. <3

Have a Happy AJ Appreciation Day this month!

For a 30 min challenge, this came out delish to one's eyeballs. Way to go par'dner!
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This is just a lovely picture =) The texture and the colours are just perfect, Applejack looks adorable. Who woulda thought you could make the inside of a blazing hot oven look so inviting and cosy ^.^
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This picture makes me want pie.

Too bad she lacks a vintage pie tin; that pie will take a whole five seconds longer to bake. :(
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I wish I was the applepie...
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That's lovely. And just 30 minutes? Impressive!
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The oven is outside.
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Beautiful work.

I'm sure that pie lasted much shorter that it took you to draw it.
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D'awwwww...This is so cute! :)
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*sniff sniff* Do I smell PIE ?
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Awww... so cute x3
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(And the pie doesn't look too bad either.)
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Beautiful work for being done in 30 minutes! 
D'aaawwww :heart: It's perfect! I love the warm colors and her adorable expression! Amazing work :)
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i love it its making me hungryHeart 
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