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(Adoptable) unicorn filly with serpent (Closed)

Not sure if adoptables coming from me would be in demand, but I'll give it a try to see if there is interest!

This unicorn is friendly with dragons, and that particular serpent could be her companion since birth!

For the buyer:

- will receive an unwatermarked .psd file of the adopt
- cannot claim as their own design/must credit for the design
- can make small changes/adjustments
- cannot resell/trade etc without permission!
- has full rights to create name/further backstory/cutiemark of the character(s) in the picture.

- please reply to the "bid here comment"
- reply to the highest bidder in a chain!
- auction ends when AB'ed or 72 hours after first bid

SB: 100Points / $1.00
Min increment: 100Points / $1.00

Winner: Ganzrig at $25!

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Why da plot...
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this is kinda tempting, how much time is left?
if i had enoth money i would bid, but sadly not, and hope the winner enjoys their adopted filly and serpent
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Hnnnnng so cute.
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Is that a soup bowl!? Are they about to be giant food!
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Huh, an adoptable Owo; Cute, tempting, but I'd rather commission you, when are you open, if ever.
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Beautiful colors! 💖💖💖
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Bid here!
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