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Actin' Like A Couple Immature Apples

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Really!?... this story is failed!!! u.u
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Big Mac talk alot at that time til Tween AJ Lies alot. XD
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But I like talkative Big Mac XD
whenever he talks now, I am reminded of that episode when he pretended to be a woman  :D
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I think I prefer the Mac as presented in Where the Apple Lies.
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Me too. OwO He was so much cooler then.
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como cambia el tiempo XD
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You could been so eager and naive in younger age :D
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Big mac hardly talks and AJ only tells the truth... but in this episode that gets thrown away
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One would want to be truthful at all times as when the last time it snowballed into almost getting your brother's leg hacked off.
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Big Mac has Super Saiyin hair.
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After prolonged exposure, his body aclimated to the power without any loss to stamina.

Vegeta: WHAT!
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And theres nothing wrong with that mac
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applejack= kawaiiiiMLP Emote Applejack Bedroom Eyes Sexy 

bic mac= coooooooool
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