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4koma Friday - Spongin's and Dragons

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update: posted wrong version, woops!

Title credit goes to Vest!

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twilight face say * OH *
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Spike what are you thinking? 😐
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Puberty has ARRIVED
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Derracias-35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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KittyCutieMeowStudent Digital Artist
....meh :3
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DubStepinaHobbyist General Artist
continue please Problem? 
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Too little, Spike... Don`t even hope.
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Well, this doesn't seem that farfetched, honestly. It is canon that Twilight gave him a claw massage. Maybe they just do these things for each other?
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diamondtron01Hobbyist General Artist
Twilight: (glare)

Spike: What?! Can't blame me for trying :3
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aqdrobertHobbyist General Artist
Would Twilight use a glowing coal to sponge Spike? He can swim in lava...
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DemonicCloneHobbyist General Artist
so like a fire bath ?
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ManhunterjHobbyist Digital Artist
Dat last panel could be used for many things...
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Oh haha, nice!
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RexlareHobbyist Traditional Artist
He just needs some love Twilight, don't deny him the love you have for him.
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DemonicCloneHobbyist General Artist
1. Spike sees Twilight as a Mother figure, or Guardian
2. Spike sees Twilight as an older Sister
3. Spike was hatched with Twilight's Magic
3a. Spike might be "magically" related to Twilight
3ai. Twilight might "magically" be Spike's Mother
3b. Spike might be "magically" part pony
3c. Evidence - All other dragons have wings
3d. Alternate theory - Spike isn't actually a Dragon
4. Spike is a "baby" dragon
4a. it's common for Mothers to wash or bathe with their Babies
4b. it's common for older siblings to help bathe infant siblings
5. Spike is attracted to Ponies
5a. Spike has long had feelings for the Unicorn Rarity.
5b. Spike could theoretically develop romantic feelings towards Twilight too
5c. depending on how Spike acts on these feelings, his actions may appear creepy or weird.
6. As Spike is a dragon he'll live a very long time, practically immortal.
6a. Twilight as an Alicorn, may also now be practically immortal
6b. it's logical for an immortal to form a courtship, with another immortal.
6c. they'll both need someone to provide comfort, when all their mortal friends and family Die.

but then it all depends on how Twilight decides to react to this situation
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Spike seems like he really doesn't want it.
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You know what happens when you don't follow the checklist?!?!!?!!!
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Just throw him in the washing machine and be done with it!
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ComehaHobbyist General Artist
That last panel, with this comment? XD

I can see that's exactly what she would do.
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I wish I could upvote this comment.
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Spike just wants to spend some quality time with his...mommy.
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DizzyTigerX3Hobbyist Artist
I feel like I should be concerned. 
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RetroGaliciaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know what it is, but have see some much doujinshi, to know right now what is going on in this fan-comic. X( Also great job with this fan-comic, luminaura ! X3


P.S: Yes, I read some doujinshis and fan-comics of this type of gender, so what? There's nothing wrong with that. I read this comics only the see his art-style he make the artists and ilustrators. Unless people are that type of guys, who only read just for.... you know what I mean. Not funny, guys. Not funny) :(
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