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(45minutechallenge) Rainbowdash n applejack

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Estoy viendo cosas
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<3 it's really adorable!
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Rainbow Dash: Hey AJ, is it me or you gained weight?
Applejack: Wha-what makes you think that?
RRD: Well, it was easier for me to lift you last time.
AJ: Uh... m-maybe?
RD: Your last family reunion was what a couple weeks ago, right?
AJ: Yeah?
RD: Then... Last Ponyville festivities were two weeks ago...
AJ: Stop it, Rainbow! So what if I gained weight.
RD: Let me guess. You were attempting to make even better apple fritter and you failed many times... if eating your failures was actu-
AJ: All right! Fine! *sigh*
RD: Then what?
AJ: I discovered a new way to prepare apples.
RD: Huh? What?
AJ: A-apple chips. And believe me... this will be a big seller.
RD: How many you ate?
AJ: Uh... two three bags....
RD: That's not too b-
AJ: ... per day...
RD: Whoa! Uh.. do you have any left?
AJ: Nope.

Lovely work
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Howabout a lift ?
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A very cute picture! :aww:
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Really nice!

Although that line for her left foreleg to her body, not sure if that should be there or not...
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I read a FIMFic like this, forgot the name. Anyone else? She got really mad about something, I think it was a death? Can't quite remember.
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coincidence? I just read a fancition with a similar scene. good job!
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Awesome job again!!! :D :D :D :D :D 
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