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Luna has been caught~

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LucyxKimi's avatar
Are they having sex ? ?.?
cajobif's avatar
May be a glowing cushion too.

Wonderful and cute work
saphira249's avatar
So cute and hilarious I can't stop laughing!!! :-)
Ghalaghor's avatar
No crackers? You can't eat cheese without any crackers!
TenmaRKO's avatar
Aww, poor woona! X3 but this is quite beautiful! :D
karkovice1's avatar
What is she eating?
I think its a miniature moon, but at a first glance I thought it was a tortia shell, or a white pancake :\
karkovice1's avatar
It would make sense, as she is The Moon Princess, after all. :)
GlitchyShadow137's avatar
Only Brits will get that...
Justabrain's avatar
American (Texas raised Virginia born)

totally got it

I miss Wallace and Gromit 
JDeko's avatar
so insanely cute
pepefawnie's avatar
luna looks so adorable!!
princessluna1366's avatar
LUNA! that is not made of cheese!
thesilverFlames's avatar
Wat you doing talking to yourself for?
princessluna1366's avatar
because my wife luna does not listen 
Dibs1337's avatar
It looks like you are eating a moon pie in bed...if not that...then...
O_O *GGGGGAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPP* No........... *turns and quickly walks away with an emotionless face*
tofutiles's avatar
We've all been caught eating a moon pie in bed.
Thatguy264's avatar
moon cake? 

or is she trying to eat herself because horny horse
ZhaoZoharEX's avatar
She Luna likes cheese, huh? :D
thesilverFlames's avatar
Something about this comment seems...,no ,no!
I refuse to say it.
ZhaoZoharEX's avatar
No no, go on. You'll feel....*Feta*. ;)
thesilverFlames's avatar
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