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X-Mas 2018 by Lumina-Lucifuga X-Mas 2018 :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 3 2 The Inner Ratfink (in Germany called ''Pigdog'') by Lumina-Lucifuga The Inner Ratfink (in Germany called ''Pigdog'') :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 4 0 tidiz (time) by Lumina-Lucifuga tidiz (time) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 2 0 ZeichenDuell 2018 - Super-Loser - Neko-Neko by Lumina-Lucifuga ZeichenDuell 2018 - Super-Loser - Neko-Neko :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 1 2 ZeichenDuell 2018-Maskottchen AU - Wild Wild Paint by Lumina-Lucifuga ZeichenDuell 2018-Maskottchen AU - Wild Wild Paint :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 2 2 Under The Blood Moon by Lumina-Lucifuga Under The Blood Moon :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 5 2 X-Mas 2017 by Lumina-Lucifuga X-Mas 2017 :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 1 0 [2D Animation] FEYnimation by Lumina-Lucifuga [2D Animation] FEYnimation :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 0 0 X-Mas 2015 by Lumina-Lucifuga X-Mas 2015 :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 1 0 Just Married! by Lumina-Lucifuga Just Married! :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 0 0 Black Cat (commissioned work) by Lumina-Lucifuga Black Cat (commissioned work) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 1 0 Tattoo (commissioned work) by Lumina-Lucifuga Tattoo (commissioned work) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 1 0 Children Portrait (commissioned work) by Lumina-Lucifuga Children Portrait (commissioned work) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 3 2 The Time of Joy (tool thoughtART) by Lumina-Lucifuga The Time of Joy (tool thoughtART) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 0 0 Little Dragon (commissioned work) by Lumina-Lucifuga Little Dragon (commissioned work) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 9 1 Hedgehog 4 Seasons (commissioned work) by Lumina-Lucifuga Hedgehog 4 Seasons (commissioned work) :iconlumina-lucifuga:Lumina-Lucifuga 6 0


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X-Mas 2018

(Please don't use/trace/render/etc my artworks without my permission!)

I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, tranquil holidays and a Happy New Year!
May health, happiness, love and the fulfillment of your plans accompany you in 2019!

Best wished,
your Lumina Lucifuga

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The Inner Ratfink (in Germany called ''Pigdog'')
Please don't use/trace/render/etc my artworks without my permission!)

Had this idea today spontaneously and thought to me, just to draw it immediately. It was a nice change to the current projects for 5 hours. :D


I think the picture speaks for itself, so I don't have to explain it here.

Only the representation of the grunt wolf monster may look different for everyone - chubby, sleepy, more seductive. . . From my point of view it just looks like this (in the spirit of its mum: me). xD


In Germany, it’s called “Pigdog”. You may know it better as “Ratfink”.
In the left, it whispers: "C'mon! Eat choco!" "Sugar!" "You want it!" "I am stronger!"

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Visit me at animexx: Lumina-Lucifuga

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tidiz (time)
Please don't use/trace/render/etc my artworks without my permission!)

tīdiz (time)

This is a contest entry for the international competition of Adobe and Clip Studio.
Theme was: Treasure

The idea was immediately clear. At the beginning I was a little spongy about the background, but within a few days it came clear - and the rest came spontaneously during the process.

tīdiz - this is Old Germanic and means: Time
I think that's the greatest treasure you can have. Time is limited and not exchangeable. Each person has only 86,400 minutes available every day. And every minute you waste on trifles, you never get back...!

What did I put in the picture?
- Of course my favorite flower - Calla (we call it also "lily of death" <3). If you're interested, you can read the meanings of lilies and the Calla by Google.

- The butterflies are supposed to symbolize the butterfly effect - even small deeds can have enormous effects in the end.

- Furthermore there are 9 in the number - all good things are 3. So you multiply that with 3 = makes 9 (and who hase 9 lives? ;D)

- Then there's the heart - the clock of one's own life. I think that explains itself. xD

- The dial is just before 13 - In Germany there's the idiom "Now it's 13!", which stems from the fast that churches can sound up to a maximum of 12 bells. If there were 13 bells, it would be something unusual.

- Aaaand that in turn shall represent the turning point, the "2 lives" of every human being - the life before and the life after one is aware that one has only one life. The question for each individual is only: When is this turning point for yourself? Still in "adolescence" or in dying?

- The heart lead to the finger with the famous knot - A knot on the finger should always remind you of something important. For example, that one's lifetime is precious. :D

- Then the thread of the heart leads further than the read thread in one's own life - even if this sometimes seems confused, it is the personally found/given meaning with which one shapes one's time.

- The thread also forms an 8 with its swings - the symbol of infinity. For even if one's own time is limited, the whole (world, universe, etc.) seems "infinite", because it is always repetitive.

- In the background is a Celtic/Germanic knot. If my searching was correct, this should represent the tree of life Yggdrasil from the nordic/germanic mythology, at which Odin sacrficed his old life for 9 (;D) nights long and in the figurative sense for a new life = One sacrifices his old life to make room for a better life, a better self. (For further information everybody can inform himself by Google^^

- Then, of course, there are the fragments - they symbolize the fragile and easily destroyable existence. No matter how strongly you believe yourself, you can break faster (mentally and physically) than you think. So take good care of yourself and what does you good and what doesn't!

- And finally the background itself - an abstract variant of the universe, in which we only exist as small dust grains and think we are at the center of all being. xD

- Bottom left you can see the title in the runes of Elderen Futhark. With the middle rune I am unfortunately not 100% sure whether this is so correct, because with the old Germanic dictionary no pronunciation difference was made between d and ð. If anybody knows more, give me that! I would still correct this rune even in 10 years! :doh:

Soooo... Unfortunately I didn't win, but with the winners it's absolutely no wonder. I still have a lot to learn. ^^"

Nevertheless, I like my picture. It was really a lot of fun, I learned a lot (but I'm still at the beginning) and it's very personal. :3

(You can see a few intermediate stages here: tīdiz at animexx (german))

Please tell me, if there are any mistakes in this text. I'm still learning English and I'd be happy for your help. :D

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ZeichenDuell 2018 - Super-Loser - Neko-Neko
This is for a german contest on :3

Das hier ist mein Beitrag zur nächsten Runde des ZeichenDuells 2018!
Aufgabe war: Super-Loser: Superhelden mit bizarren Schwachstellen
Für mein Duell kam noch hinzu: Extreme Klimazonen - Helden, die aufgrund ihrer Fähigkeiten in extremen Klimazonen leben

Ich habe die Darstelllung eines kurzen Panelstrips gewählt, um das kleine Dilemma besser darzustellen. Hoffe, das bricht hier keine Fanart-Regeln. *schwitz*
(Ich empfehle die Großansicht bzw Originalgröße!)

Und hier ist mein Super-Loser: Neko-Neko!
Er lebt auf einem Eisplaneten und weil er so puschliges Fell und einen besonderen Kristall hat, kann er da auch locker überleben.
Die Story:
Er hat seine bereits schon länger bekannte menschliche Helferin gerade aus der Patsche gerettet, indem er sie auf seinen Planeten geholt hat. Weil sie friert, nutzt er seinen besonderen Kristall: gefrorenes Catnip. Mit dessen Paw-a (...schlechtes Wortspiel ^^") kann er alle Katzen der Erde heranlocken.
Problem ist nur: Er kann es nicht stoppen. Katzen lassen sich nun mal nicht von Catnip abhalten.
Und so flutet er seinen ganzen Planeten und aus der Eislandschaft wird ein Flauschmeer. :3 (Und seine Freundin hat eine Katzenhaarallergie...)
Ob er seinen Planeten dadurch dahinschmelzen lässt, ist fraglich.

...So oder so ähnlich hat es sich zugetragen!
ZeichenDuell 2018-Maskottchen AU - Wild Wild Paint
This is for a german contest on :3

Das hier ist mein Beitrag zur Qualifikationsrunde des Zeichenduell 2018.
Aufgabe war, beide Maskottchen in einem AU darzustellen.
Die beiden sind im "Wilden Westen" und sind die berühmt berüchtigte Schmierfinke Papa-G und C.H. Leon, die schon mit Plakaten gesucht werden. Ganz nach ihrer Natur und weil es auch so schön von ihnen ablenkt, haben sie das Wanted-Plakat etwas optimiert. :D

Leider hatte ich nicht so viel Zeit, sonst hätte ich den Hintergrund noch mehr ausgearbeitet. >.>


Lumina-Lucifuga's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional | Varied
(My english is not very well, but I'll try to post everything in this language ^^")

I was born in 1987 and paint since the pencil stayed in my hand.
I'd never visit an art-school or something. But two artists showed me the acrylics- and watercolor-techniques when I was a student.
About 20 years I practised in traditional art – with pencil, brush and paper. Since 2011 I also use the digital way of art. And it makes just as much fun! :3


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Aww Heart  Thank you! >///<
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Danke für den Watch (^_^)

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Ich heiße Schnattchen auf Animexx und bin froh, dich wiedergefunden zu haben!
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Wäre schön, von dir zu hören!
Und Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Hochzeit!!!*-*
Lumina-Lucifuga Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hey :3

Erstmal Sorry für die späte Antwort - in letzter Zeit rushe ich nur kurz durch alle "social media" und stürze mich dann in Arbeiten XD
Gedruckt ist "Fukushuu" noch nicht. Aber ist in Planung. Dieses Jahr ist das Ziel. Denn ich arbeite noch an weiteren Stories, damit es mehr als "nur 100" Seiten im Band sind. ;)
Zusätzlich soll noch ein anderer Band parallel erscheinen, an dem ich noch in den letzten Zügen sitze.

Ende Sommer/Herbst wollte ich versuchen, die beiden Bände auf den Markt zu bringen.
Also wenn du magst, kannst du in dem Zeitraum gern immer mal wieder nach Neuigkeiten auf DA, Mexx, FB und/oder meiner eigenen Homepage Ausschau halten :)

Lieben Gruß,
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Oooh, danke für die ausführliche Antwort! Dann werde ich das so machen und dich im Sommer/Herbst nochmal stalken xD
Ich drücke dir auf jeden Fall fest die Daumen für deine Projekte! Freu mich schon, wenns dann soweit ist! ^^

Ganz liebe Grüße,
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Man bemerkt wohl, dass ich nicht mehr so wirklich bei Mexx aktiv bin, lol...
Lumina-Lucifuga Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hehe, ist bei mir auch so. Liegt aber daran, dass ich gerade massig Manga zeichne - meine Schulter jammert schon XD q_q
Und bei dir so?
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Happy Birthday!!
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