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Did you know? The average person daydreams at about 40% of our lives.

People spend 6 years of their lives dreaming.

And yet, we tend to mostly forget what had happened in our dreams 10 minutes after we entered the waking world.

In this day and age, dreaming is already categorized as a phenomenon so bizarre yet something that has been already part of our day to day basis. Something that is a part of our delusions. Imagination that is so brilliant yet somehow has never been given much thought.

It's amazing, really. We could envision a world with such intricate details, Ideate stories, picture anything and everything in our subconscious state. And we've done it for years-- each one with a long line of ideas. So long that if we had joined all of these thoughts we'd form an infinite -and massive- amount of brilliance.

Scientists are already pursuing the concept of recording and visualizing one's dreams. If a machine could be invented in the near future, Then this would be a whole new level of “imagination”. No, not a level. But rather.. A revolution.


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I know all. I see all. For example, I see you reading this sentence. You will deny it, and yet you still can't stop reading this. Awoooooohhhh


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