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NovaLupe's Hair Brushes - for gimp



a little while ago I made a gimp hair brush. well :| (Blank Stare) ...I wasn't satisfied, so I deleted it and made some new ones to go with the one I had already made :) (Smile) I found the one I made first worked best for smudging and blending, so I made some other ones to fill in the needs the first didn't meet =P (Razz). MEET! MY HAIR BRUSH KIT!w00t!  Nuu  *raah raaah*:squee:Clap thank you, thank you Worship.
looks beautiful doesn't it? I'm super proud of it, not only does it LOOK real, it was super easy to make (the example pic I mean) Giggle .

about the brushes:
-blending and fly away brushes go up to 1000px
-layering and texturing brushes go up to 500px
-all work with colours
-creates real healthy looking hair
-fast and easy to use
-very compatible with touch sensitivity

how to install:
-first extract files
-locate gimp's brush folder usually===>"~/.gimp-2.8/brushes/"
-drop .gbr files into brush folder.
-done. you may now use brushes.

NOTE: You must download file via download button, do not right click save, file will not download that way.

I made these brushes for my own uses, I'm uploading them because I thought others could use them as well.  Please do not redistribute without my permission.

Edit: I'm so happy to know people seem to really like my brush :) if you're interested, I'd like to see what you guys did with my brushes :D

some examples of use:coming soon.
tutorials on how to use brush:coming soon
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