R.I.P Lennox. Feel so sorry for his owners, after that long battle they still lost their dog. All because of ignorance :/
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Oh my gosh I just read most of the case last night. They had no right to put him down, DNA testing even proved he wasn't even a Pit Bull, and had no history of aggression...
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No. Ugh, I'm in tears. I can't believe he got put down... there were so many opportunities for that dog to live a full, happy life. He could have gone to the US where we don't have breed bans (for now). Stubbornness on the government's part is what killed that poor dog.

Lennox, you poor baby, rest in peace.
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People are just... despicable. I hate breed bannings, it is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Yes, certain breeds tend to be more dangerous than others, but a lot of that is due to the owners, not the breeding. Not to mention, pit bulls were bred to be naturally aggressive towards other dogs, and to be very loyal, and easily trainable (and therefore not aggressive towards humans. I've actually heard a lot of people say that, as long as they're handled properly (because they are big dogs, capable of doing a lot of damage if they haven't been taught the rules), they are the perfect family dog). Think about the type of people (in general) who get pit bulls or rottweilers - a lot of the time, they're people who want a tough, aggressive, "difficult" dog for one reason or another, and who let them be that way (or even train them to be that way) because of it. But in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, ANY dog, no matter the breed, is capable of being perfectly friendly and safe. I've seen far more small "safe" dogs who are nasty and aggressive than big dogs, because they're owners think it's "cute" and let them get away with everything. In fact, I have never had personal contact with an aggressive large dog, and I've been around a lot of "aggressive" breeds. The closest I've come is the rottweiler at the farm where I ride - he gets a little bit unsure/protective if I show up at an unusual time, and he growled and lunged at me once, but a quick and assertive "Hey! Lie down!" and he just goes "yes ma'am" and doesn't cause any more problems.

Blame the stupid and irresponsible owners who don't know how to handle a dog, not the breeding. I've long believed that people should be required to take classes and/or pass some sort of test before being allowed to own an animal of any sort.
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that poor family :(
you can only judge the deed and not the breed. I have neighbors and their pit bull KeKe is the absolute sweetest dog and will let anyone do anything to her, and she follows and keeps kids company when they're out playing.

any dog can be aggressive, my jack russell/corgi was highly food aggressive and has gone after our other foster dogs and is the reason why I had to find my dog Lucy a new home. We finally broke her of that bad habit and she's ok now...but just because a dog has a certain appearance doesn't make them mean and out to hurt people. Pit Bulls are a beautiful breed. I understand concern that follows a pit bull because of the horror stories, but those are the ones who have been trained that way, to be mean and to attack. And if there was another opinion for Lennox to come to the United States and live with another family, the government should have allowed that instead of ending a perfectly healthy dog's life. Such a shame.
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some people are soo stupid.. this dog was put down because it was pitbull.. that is so sad.. non agressive and everything. i dont get it.. people think that pit bulls are so agressive..but people dont realize that it is the owners fault if they become mean..not the dogs fault. :(
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Seriously ? This dog wasn't aggressive or something else. It was just a lovely family dog..
And just because he's a pitbull he has to be put asleep ?

That's so low O.o That poor family.. To lose a pet on this way.
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Wow... I had no idea the story of that poor dog, got so far around...
Pit Bulls are illegal where I live, Northern Ireland, no matter what, the councils generally put them down. They don't seem to care that they are ripping away a family's pet, a loved one in every sense of the word.
Lennox is now in a better place, the past two years could not have been nice for him.
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Wait, a dog was put down because he was an illegal breed?

The heck? That's bull.
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this is just.. heart wrenching and depressing.
that poor family.
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