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My stock use rules were in need of an overhaul, so here we go. Since I have over 5,000 photographs it would be silly to go through and put these in every description, so please make sure to go through these before using my stock.

:star: Always note me or leave me comment when you use my work with a link to the image. I'd appreciate it if you favorited the images you use as well.:star:

Crediting and Off-site Use
♦ I do allow my stock to be used in off-site works.
♦ You MUST either credit me on the image or in the description of the image.
♦ I don't care if you use my images in manipulations for sim games.
♦ I would still like to see what you've done even if you use it off-site.

Commercial Use
♦ Using my images for manipulations/other art for virtual currency is OK.
♦ My stock may be used commercially (for real world currency) for free, unless the profit from its use exceeds $500. If this happens, I require a 3% fee of the profit.
♦ I still expect credits even in commercial use.

♦ You may use my images for photomanipulations, drawings, etc. but PLEASE do not repost my images as is.
♦ Do not just slap a filter and some text on one of my photos and claim its yours. I expect for you to actually do something with it that requires some effort and creativity.
♦ NEVER upload my images to the photography category. They are not your images.
♦ Do not use my stock for making other stock, including precuts, premade backgrounds, line art, etc. You MAY use the images in tutorials, however.
♦ Do not use my images for mature/adult art.
♦ Please do not use images of my animals for "transformation" manipulations.


This means that:
♦ Photos are uploaded for reference purposes. I do NOT consider these photos "fine art photography" and neither should you. As such, critique is NOT desired.
♦ These photos are not edited in any way other than straightening and cropping. They are raw for you to use as you see fit (as long as you adhere to the rules above).
♦ If you cannot handle/are going to complain about occasional mass uploads, please do not watch this account. I don't upload very often, but when I do I tend to upload in large batches. I do not take kindly to complaints about this. You know this is a stock account when you watch me, therefore you should know what you're signing up for.
♦ A lot of the animals posted here are either rescues, fosters, and/or they do not belong to me. If animals are in a rough shape, its because there is something wrong with them or they are going through rehab. Do not fling accusations and insults. If you have a question about the animals' condition, you may politely inquire about it, however do not expect me to reply nicely if you are rude. 
♦ I sometimes upload many pictures of animals in similar poses except for slight details, such as different placement of a foot or a ear. I do this to give people as many reference options as possible so that they can find the perfect pose. Complaints about this are not appreciated.
♦ I take the time to get these shoots done and upload them for YOUR benefit, not mine. I do not expect praise. Please do not treat me like a tool or a robot. I expect some level of respect.

I do not answer notes/comments with questions that have been answered here. By using my stock, you have read and agreed with all of my rules. Please read thoroughly before asking questions.

© 2013 - 2021 lumibear
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I just got to ask - what do you mean by: " Please do not use images of my animals for "transformation" manipulations."? ^^
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kiiinda off topic, but I really love your stock, so it makes my annoyed when people don't read/follow the rules.  Hopefully you have better luck from now on, but there is a big mentality with art and photos that "if it's online then it's free to use" which it's not -_- 

when I first use stock for reference (which is less then I should), I usually use 20+ stock photos, so it's hard to give credit to all, but the main pieces should be credited. 
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One of your photos, I mean.
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Can I use it for a layout on howrse i'm making for someone??
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Just a quick question.  I saw that using your photos was not allowed for use to create linearts.  I was just wondering if that goes the same for using your photos to create a skeleton of that particular pose, then create my own lineart from the skeleton only.  That's how I do my artwork, is skeleton of pose, create the lines from skeleton, then finish rest of the picture.

Just thought I'd ask before I started using your pictures in this way.

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Whoops, meant to add personal use and commissioned work, as long as it isn't being distributed for other people to use I don't mind.
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Alright, so I'd be able to use the skeleton form - which I'd create from your photos - to create lineart for my own drawings.  Just want to make sure I read that right, the two replies somewhat confused me... :XD:
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As long as its for personal use, I don't mind.
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