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Rest In Peace, Barley

By lumibear
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This is from the photoshoot I did at the rescue farm a couple days ago. Meet Barley. I wasn't going to post this, but now I think I need to. Why? Because Barley died today.

She is the result of South Carolina's atrocious animal cruelty laws, or lack thereof. It seems as if they are designed specifically to discourage people from reporting cruelty, and to "penalize" abusers to the bare minimum, if at all. We currently rank 47th in the country as far as animal welfare. Do you see the sores on Barley's legs? Do you see her emaciated frame? I know you see the sling that was crafted so that she could stand up. Do you know why her owner, who had starved her for months, wasn't charged with animal cruelty? Because she had called the farrier out to take care of Barley's feet. You can starve an animal as much as you want, only as long as you take care of their feet! Puppy mill owners have had their dogs seized (only to fill up shelter space for dogs who truly needed the help) and then are able to walk free with no penalty so that they can resume their "businesses". You can call animal control to report abuse, but only if you give them your name so that they can tell the alleged abusers who you are.  Not their problem if they choose to retaliate against you, after all. And if the animal abuser is their friend or family? Forget it. All's animal control is going to do is tell you what a nice person they are and then spread rumors about you and tell everyone how stupid you are and how you're on a witch hunt while there's starving, lame horses rotting away in pitch black, dilapidated barns with no windows.

Barley died today because South Carolina's law makers allowed her to.  Her death is on them, and they probably don't even care. They don't care about the dogs tethered to trees on six foot leashes for their entire lives. They don't care about the animals who spend their lives in filthy cages, with their only purpose being to bring more puppies into that abhorrent life. 

When I saw Barley a few days ago, she was eating and drinking and alert, her eyes were bright and her caretakers were optimistic. She even had a home lined up for when she recovered. Barley will never get to go home now, to be fat and happy in a pasture and not worry about whether or not she's going to get fed that day. Barley is gone, because the people in power did not care.

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That poor horse. I can't believe how people could treat a horse like that. I my opinion they should have been given a hefty fine and banned form keeping animals.
(If i were there things would have gotten ugly.):angry: 
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That's heartbreaking, especially when it seemed optimistic for a bit, that she'd make it.

The laws against animal abusers are shit! Even here is Australia, while it's probably better, cruel shit-for-brains only get a slap on the wrist!

This world breaks my heart for the way many animals are treated, abused, tortured and murdered :tears:
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 it makes me so sad.Rest in peace Barney 
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It makes me sick to see such a beautiful animal suffer in the hands of people who don't even care. More and more people need to be aware that this is a living breathing animal and should be treated with respect and love and affection. May Barley find peace in heaven. 
KarnelianKallie's avatar
Rest in peace Barley :tighthug:
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Thank you for posting this and raising awareness. Poor Barley didn't do anything to deserve that fate :( Write letters to your congressmen and senators, folks! They want to be voted for and need to know what you feel strongly about! 
BrnoCZ's avatar
This is why, Obama has to change USA more. There need to be better animal welfare laws like in Europe.
MonocerosArts's avatar
Poor Barely... :(
I can't stand animal abuse, or any kind of abuse. I want to rescue every animal I see in shelters and adopt all the "unwanted" children. Unfortunately my family is allergic to animals and the stupid adoption system doesn't let kids out of the system.
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Poor girl. :cry: May she rest in peace~ 
What goes around comes around, and I hope Barley's abuser will one day get what they deserve. I also hope that animal cruelty laws there will soon change for the better, though I'm aware of how difficult that is, especially when law makers don't seem to care. :(   
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Rest in peace Barley. :( I hope whoever did that to her gets what they deserve. >|
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Poor baby ;n; Somehow the saddest part to me is the fact that she would have already had a new, good home coming. She just never quite made it.
May she rest in peace now. At least humans can't do any wrong to her anymore ever again - and in the end, she even died in the arms of the good people, in safety, with food.
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terribly sad :( you should take what you wrote in the description along with the photo and send it to your senators or other state government representatives 
LionHeart-SP's avatar
This is disgusting. I live in Massachusetts and thought it was bad here. 
Having you shed some light on the situation, even if only a few hundred people see it, makes a difference. Thank you for sharing this. 
Barley should know how many people cared. 

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RIP Barley. I'm sorry humanity failed you sweet girl. :(
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This image literally puts me on the verge of tears. Despite all that she's enduring, she still has the will and strength to perk her ears forward at something that grabbed her attention. Poor baby. She was such a beautiful girl, but now she's running and frolicking in an eternity of pastures, hay, and grain. :)
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This is absolutely horrible! I, personally, work with two rescue horses and cant stand to hear stories like this. That poor mare didnt deserve any of what she got.
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I live in PA, and we have a lot of abuse, but at least our laws are halfway decent. Those people deserve to have their legs cut and dirt and waste thrown in them. :'(
Cimarron29's avatar
Oh no, sweet Barley! 
 I just can't understand how people can be so cruel...seriously if someone can inflict so much pain on an animal, isn't this an indicator that there's something not right in their head?
 They start with animal abuse, then to hurt and abuse humans is only a small step
...push for change!
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I've got tears in my eyes, what a sad story. We have a law in belgium against animal cruelty but a few months ago the horse slaughterer struck again and another horse was killed. I can still see the foto from the paper...
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This greatly saddens me, because you had me questioning the ranking of animal welfare laws around the USA and as I looked I found that my own home state is the WORST in animal welfare (and has been for quite some time). I'm appalled to think that if I hadn't fought to buy my horse, this is how he could have ended up had someone else less caring gotten him, or even the idea of him being slaughtered for consumption...

Not to mention, I work in a humane society and I see so many emaciated, hurt, or simply unwanted animals come in and this is just so sad and truly awful. I wish that the country would not just open their eyes to the economic issue's and start working together on THAT huge problem, but to actually understand starting at the bottom is a huge way to help.
If we put more time into saving our animal companions and giving THEM their rights, we could become more unified and build a better country all together...

I'm so sorry to Barley's future owners who have lost her before they could even truly have her..
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That's terrible!! Poor girl, that's a terrible way to go to. It's terrible how some places just don't give a damn about the animals that live there.
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God is that her hip bone sticking out past the sling at the back there? Poor baby :(
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Yes it is. She was one of the worst emaciation cases I've ever seen.
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