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Giving a OC a similar backstory without making them related / dependent on the canon character they are alike: 

22 deviants said Can work if done right.
11 deviants said Is okay as long as the canon character isn't copied in the process.
4 deviants said Sounds boring and unoriginal.
No deviants said Can never work because it's practically copying. (Even if the story after that is completely different.)

Devious Comments

cyberdrawn Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Student General Artist
ehh I'm conflicted? like I have techno-organic OCs, but they're completely unrelated to Sari in any way shape or form. Their backstory is also completely different (since Sari's backstory is still kind of incomplete, this isn't TOO difficult to manage).

I don't know if that really counts? I mean the only similarity is that they're techno organics. That's all.

I guess as long as their character is not copied it's fine. This means physically and personality wise. I see a lot of OCs that are basically clones of canon characters: and to me, THAT is boring and unoriginal. Like, if you want your OC to be taken seriously, I think effort should be put into it!
Lumen-Terra Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
I get what you're trying to say. 
what I've been doing is that my OC got created in the same way as a canon character but after that they are completely different both story and personality wise. They aren't even related because they are both artificial creations. 

As for your techno organic OCs, it's entirely possible that if Sari ended up on Earth then others could have too. There's a difference between copying a canon and just creating a member of a rare species. 
cyberdrawn Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Student General Artist
I understand! In the end it's all for fun, but I just think people should know that others are going to have conflicting opinions on OCs, and if you post it on the internet, you will get criticism!

this doesn't mean you can harass or bully, but I'm really tired of people claiming that fair criticism on their OCs is "hate." If you don't want comments, turn them off. lmao. 

Sorry for rambling!
Lumen-Terra Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
I couldn't agree more. C:

Don't be sorry. It's fine. 
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