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:SPECIAL: Framed for Fame Commissions

Wed Jun 20, 2018, 10:40 AM

Yo! I'm opening special point commissions today.

As you might have been able to guess from the title it's all about frames and OCs. 

Frame (1) by Lumen-Terra Frame (2) by Lumen-Terra Frame (3) by Lumen-Terra Frame (4) by Lumen-Terra Frame (5) by Lumen-Terra

These 5 frames are for YOUR characters. Pick one of them, follow some simple rules and we're good to go! 
To get a slot please fill out this simple form in a comment.

Each framed drawing will cost you 100 :points: and will have the title "Framed [Name of Char] For Fame"

Name / Nickname of the OC: 
Ref of the OC:
Frame shape: 
Did you read the rules?

Rules: (a.k.a what to expect) 
Every frame can only be used once.
If there are enough people interested it's only 1 slot per person.
The frame will match your character's colors.
Your character will be mirrored / symmetric styled.
It's portrait / bust shot only.
I'll include a simple gradient background for free.
Just to make sure you read all of the rules write I'm Fame into your comment.

In the end it should look something like this:
Request by Lumen-Terra 

Rules for my Art

Sun Dec 3, 2017, 8:50 AM
Whether it's a commission or a trade- here are some rules. 

  • Do not claim the art as your own. 
  • You may trace my art but only if you credit me for the original, admit that it's traced and only if you are the owner of the image. 
  • You can cancel your commission at any time you wish. I will refund you as soon as possible.
  • You can ask for a status report at any time. 
  • You can ask me to not watermark your commission.
  • You can repost it if you credit me and link to my DA page.
  • I have the right to decline commissions because of any reason. Even if it's personal.

Trades, Collaborations and Requests:
  • Don't rush me. My commissions always come first.
  • I can use your watermark on it if you want. Just ask.
  • You may NOT trace a AT or RQ artwork. 
  • You may also not claim it as your own even though it was made for you.
  • Please don't repost any of those images unless we agreed on it.
  • I have to right to say no if I don't want to do anything and you may not force me into doing an AT with you by drawing art for me and then expecting something in return.

  • You can resell them. Contact me so that I know my adopt has a new owner.
  • If I don't like what you do with my design (e.g if you make a horrific Mary Sue or sex doll/nsfw mascot out of them) I can ask you to give it back. Of course you will get your points back as well.
  • You can take my adopts as inspiration. Just don't recolor or copy.

What I won't draw:
Explicit NSFW
Fetish Art
"Pride OCs" (I find it tasteless. No offense.)
Hate or Vent Art 

Okay here's how this goes: Draw ANY hero you like -be it DC or Marvel- with Superman's cape but always draw a different hero each time so if your favorite is taken already, then sorry. You can also pick a villain if you want!

It's a funny gag @/ProphetofPrimes and I came up with and I want to turn it into a real tag now. It's all just for fun.
When you do draw them tag me and I'll put your art here in this journal so that we can all laugh at the silliness of it. :D

If you have drawn your part please tag someone else! 
AN: if you don't have the time it's also okay. Chat with me after you're done reading this. :D

 Superman has his cape. He likes it since it's a gift from his parents.
Barry... by ProphetofPrimes Barry... you stole it and the kryptonian is not happy. 
Batman wants to feel special too.. by SevLikesArt Now Batman has it because he wants to feel special too.
If you want it... by temarcia Master thief Catwoman has stolen it from the Bat. If you want it... come and get it Superman.
I got it now by Lumen-Terra And Nightwing got it now. That cape sure travels a lot... 
give the boy his cape back by frabjouss Now even Scarecrow has taken it. Give the boy his cape back already! 
sNATCHED by a-paranoid-android What the hell is Deadpool doing here?! Oh, he just snatched the cape to mess with us.
Dr Doom with Superman's cape by LogicalConclusions After Deadpool got bored we have Dr Doom with Superman's cape now. He just nicked off with it.
DC - In The Name of Magic by TheWhovianHalfling In the name of magic! It now belongs to Doctor Fate. 
Tag: Good for nothing else... by Towerte And now Deatstroke has the "good for nothing else cape". 
Tag: I am Groot! by Towerte I am Groot! (or: Let's steal the cape back into the Marvel universe
Red Hood meets Red Cape by 00Sparx00 Hey! Red Hood took it back into the DC universe and Supes doesn't look happy at all. The annoyed kryptonian is annoyed.
Dr Manhattan needs it by 00Sparx00 I guess he's tired of this game. Hey Supes, you'll get it back eventually. Besides Dr. Manhattan is going to take care of it for you.  
who stole the Cape (deaths head) by juggernot117 .....and straight back into the Marvel universe we go! The red cape makes a impressive trophy doesn't it?
 Swapping universes again- Starfire has it now! ""W
ho knows why she did it... maybe she wanted to find out why everyone else wears capes?"" -MP