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Character IPod Art Requests ::closed::

Sat Oct 27, 2018, 10:33 AM

5 Slots for IPod styled requests. All slots taken!

Woooow- you guys were fast! 

Until the end of the month I'm doing simplistic vector requests. Ah, this brings back so much nostalgia. Here's what one looks like.
Arcee Ipod style by Lumen-Terra
Things you can customize:
Number of characters* & pose
Background colors
Background pattern
Ipod color
(Optional) Character's names or song titles as text in the image

Things you can't customize:
Character color
Background design/scenery

What I draw:
Humanoid characters

The Rules- aka how to get one

  1. Read the rules
  2. Don't spam me with too many refs. I want a clear idea of what you want.
  3. Send me your request in a comment below. Do NOT send me a note!
  4. Don't ask for reserved slots. 
  5. For shipping: You can ask for every kind of ship. The only thing that I won't draw are pregnancy and explicit sexual actions. This is for innocent fun only.
  6. Friendshipping is also a thing
  7. Write " Music " into your comment to show me you read the rules.


Bullet; White Reserved for MissLillyn 
Bullet; White Reserved for SociallyAwkward-Nerd 
Bullet; White FlashbackingArtist00 
Bullet; White GrumpyRays 
Bullet; White ST4R-L0RD 

Bullet; Blue surprise
Bullet; Blue surprise

Bullet; Black For myself 

MY Art Pet Peeves

Tue Oct 23, 2018, 11:47 AM

Don't read this if you think I'm a drama king or if you're easily offended by opinions. 

This is me ranting about some things that annoy me at best and bother me at worst. None of these are directed at somebody specific. It's just a way for me to vent out my frustration. 


Viewers discretion has been advised. 

1. Broken links to ref sheets
These legit drive me insane. I'm supposed to draw something for you and the ref is unavailable. Whoop dee doo. 

2. "Mouth" refs
I get it. Those characters have teeth and a freaky tongue but seriously... I need to look at that for hours and that saliva covered mouth is freaking me out like -pleasesavemeit'sgonnaeatmealive!!- 

3. Being told how to color
This is a shocker because it goes against every customer service rule I've ever learned but when I see a picture and I'm going to draw that character - I don't need an extra picture that shows me how to color said character. 

4. The "It's awesome but this and that is wrong" ™
Say, I draw something in my lineless style. Sit on it for about 5 to 8 hours and then suddenly the hair clip of the OC has a five pointed star on it that is too pointy. 

5. The "Why did you do that?" ™
I usually can answer why I did whatever. Why did I pick that pose? Why did I chose that setting? Easy- BUT sometimes I just do things because they feel right. Aside from that it's annoying as heck when I have to explain every little detail to people. Why is that apple red?-- why did you color it like that?

6. Running out of juice
No no. Not that kind of juice. I'm talking about my battery here.  

7. Lists of maybes aka: the OC dumpers
Imagine you were to open your requests and suddenly one person in there dumps over 10 different characters and keeps on rambling that maybe this one or that one would be cool. Or that one. Or maybe the first one again? OR maybe not. That second last would look good in my style too. Or maybe..... 

8. Gatekeeping and Elitism
(no further explanation given)

9. Status spamming
It's fine if you say goodnight every night. Yet there are people that have to put up a status every five minutes saying "I'm off now. See you after I ate a sandwich." or "I'm off. I need to pee." DA seems to be some people's diary or something...... Fortunately none of my friends do this. 

10. People tagging legit characters because they share a username
Example: my name is Lumen-Terra. I HAVE to tag all my work with #/Lumen not because I like the anime chick but because that's my name. I shall clog up the tag with my random art that has nothing to do with #/lumen !! 
Why I'm not using my full username? Well, exposure of course!  

Sharing is Caring

Sun Oct 7, 2018, 1:17 PM

I'm going to share some super special news with you here. Prepare for limited time offers and sweet deals. 

I'm a thief. You should be too!

Tue Oct 2, 2018, 1:48 PM

Do I really steal art?

Is style theft really a thing? --and is it really just like tracing? 

For a while now I have seen the topic pop up around the 'net. Today it's been the day where I've been accused of theft. My response? Guilty as charged. 

Now. Now- listen first before you start anything drastic! 
I don't steal but whenever I see something I like I tend to copy that. With copying I mean I integrate the element I like into my own style for later, so that I can make my own art much like it. That way I combine a lot of different techniques and styles into my own personal and unique arsenal of ways to create art.
You should do this too. 

I bet you need some examples now. This is how this works: I pick a drawing from my gallery and write above which show or game's style I replicated. (or tried to replicate- I'm not perfect)
Let's compare for a bit, shall we? Click on any image to get a closer look! 

Case 1: Me VS GTA
Summer Holos ::Chromia Arcee FlareUp:: by Lumen-Terra  
I took the crispy sharp shading and black line-art and imitated them.

Case 2: Me VS Vampire Knight
LuXOpeth by Lumen-Terra 
It's easy to recognize; Hino's soft coloring and the huge eyes for both females and males. They look just like the manga they were from, don't they? 

Case 3: Me VS Panty and Stocking
Humanized Lady Knights ::style practice:: by Lumen-Terra 
Now this is too easy to see! The white dot in the pupil looks interesting and the way the arms and legs make sharp edges when they bend is clearly recognizable. Even the flat but vibrant coloring looks familiar. Yip. I took that from P&S and I'm using it in other styles as well. 

Case 4: Me VS Yu-Gi-Oh
Natural Symphony by Lumen-Terra
I guess the eyes are what I like most. The style is dynamic and sharp- very cool and a lot of fun to draw. It's the details that make this style epic. Still, I stole it from the show didn't I?

Case 5: Me VS Steven Universe
Steven Universe Emerald by Lumen-Terra
Now this isn't my best attempt but the shape of the face belongs clearly to the show. The little to none shading is a recognizable trait of the style as well. 

Case 6: Me VS @/ForgottenHope547 
Posin shootin havin fun by Lumen-Terra
Yes. I stole this style from 'Hope. Really, can you blame me that I started to copy the way her shading looks like? It's gorgeous! I'm like the annoying little kid that's doing everything his idol does. Haha!
(Or at least I'm trying. 'Hope's much better at this than I am....)

Have you read and looked at everything carefully? Good. I want you to understand FULLY that I with saying "I steal this" I mean that I copy what I like- and you should do so too. It's part of growing as an artist. For as long as you don't steal finished art or trace over another person's work it's perfectly fine to create something that looks like your favorite show or idol artist. If you're still unsure then just ask art-sempai if they are okay with this. Most should be pretty chill about it. 

A style is like an artist's fingerprint. You can have two so alike it's creepy but you'll never find two that are completely and 100% the same. What I'm trying to tell here is that it's good to let yourself be inspired by what you like. Be it a style or a design. Learn from it. Make it your own and grow from the experience without being dependent on it. Nobody likes a cheap knock off or copy-cat, keep that in mind.

You can do it.
All of you can do great if you just try and get out of your comfort-zone. 

--and don't be a a** and bash someone for their style. You'll only make yourself look bad that way. 

OC and OFC know the difference

Sat Sep 22, 2018, 5:56 PM

Okay. This will be long and this will be rant-ish. However, I still hope that people will read this because it's not nearly as negative as you might think. 

It's everyone's favorite topic. OCs. Or rather OFCs. I'm getting tired of people ranting about how their OC design is okay and how they are allowed to do anything they want. In essence, yes you are. It's completely alright to create whatever you want -but when it's time to bitch and moan about the feedback, that's where the fun part starts because your OC probably isn't a true OC. 


Most people don't know the difference but it's actually fairly simple. It's even in the name! 
Original Character
Original Fan-made Character

A OC is your own creation. A completely original character and design. 
A OFC however, now that's where it gets tricky because a OFC is a original FAN character and often just labled as an OC because everyone is too lazy to type that extra letter (me included). A OFC or just Fan-Character is a character made to fit into a specific universe
that is already established and that has its own set of rules that you have to follow, unless you want to create a alternative universe. 
Let's look at a few examples I've come across so that everyone can relate, shall we?

- A Transformer aka Cybertronian with hair and / or human-like eyes (no, a differently colored sclera is not your art style silly...)
- A Voltron character with demon features such as horns or a tail or angelic wings
- A Star Wars character that can do Potter-like Magic with spells and a wand
- A vampire prince that has green skin and feathers instead of hair
- A Vulcan that smokes weed and plays a magic flute to use soul magic to grow wings
- A real life author-chan that can shoot lazers of the lulz from his/her eyes and has polka dotted blue skin that glows!

If the last one has made you look twice or at least raised your eyebrow then congratulations! There's still hope for you to not become a fandom-wrecking renegade. Some given attributes can be written to be acceptable by the community but once you step outside of what's normal for the universe you're working with other fans might end up pissed at you. However, remember that each and every fandom is different and they might react differently. It's also more common for older fandoms to be much more protective of their rules and canon lore. Still, making a outsider doesn't make them a dreaded Mary Sue. THAT is a completely different nest of hornets that I won't poke today. 

Now, you're probably asking yourself if your OFC is one of these deviants. You can simply check that by asking yourself if they would fit in without breaking any canon rules or adding made up content that comes from you. Oh, what that is? It's stuff you made up and that you yourself added to the story. I'm talking real addition here and not "Oh! It's an army so I make up a new rank!" or "I've never seen someone in the show with white hair so I'm giving my OFC that!" -- No, no. What I mean is.... say, the story includes only vampires and humans. Nothing else has ever even been hinted at so nothing else exists in the canon lore. It is, basically, impossible in this universe. You: "Let's make a fairy!"
Because? Because potato of course! It's an added variable that comes from you only and that changes the story in ways other fans might see as defilement of the story they love. Love is one of the strongest emotions so better be prepared for some incoming elitists. 

It's easy to "fix" this because technically there is nothing broken with your creation. All you really need to do is become self aware of what you made and think about what you want to call your character. Is it a free-as-a-bird OC? Is it a canon-following OFC? OR is it a OFC that lives in a made up AU? Everything is possible! 

So stop ranting about how people should stop to bash you poor soul for making a misfit. Instead of wallowing in rage and self pity let's turn that into something positive. Be PROUD of your new idea for the old and rusty fandom but please for the love of every deity there is, learn the difference between an actual OC and a falsely labeled OFC. USE that to your advantage and for the sake of your own happiness be PROUD of how you wrote your own story and character, that was based on a already existing work. Be even more proud of completely original works.

Now it's your time to shine. Leave your opinion below! Every opinion is welcome and they would mean much to me.

AN: DARN IT PEOPLE- read this thing before you start to complain about shiznit that has nothing to do with what I'm saying here! 

Get one of only 5 Heartbreaker shipping drawings today for only 400 points!

Mutual friends may even offer art instead. 


[CLOSED] Animish Commissions

Tue Aug 21, 2018, 10:58 AM

This event is over! Wait for the next one please.

Summer's almost over isn't it? So now that the nights get a bit longer again let's show off your characters and favorites by giving them a nice shine! 

For the price of only 3$ / 2,50€ / 2,30£ you were able to get a drawing like one of these here:

Brooke ::MR OC:: by Lumen-Terra Gwendolyn ::Art Trade:: by Lumen-Terra Superboy2019 by Lumen-Terra Hesperis Lazula by Lumen-Terra

All you had to do was fill out the form below and ask me in a comment below so we can discuss the details. They are almost all knees-up shots like the first example. 
The payment went to my girlfriend's - OpethHunter-Predacon's PayPal. 

The Form: (CLOSED)

NEON COLORS: Cyan and Magenta OR Orange and Red
Have you read the rules below?: 


- no fetish art
- no explicit sexual actions. NSFW or "sexy" drawings are fine this time though.
- no drama or drama prone OCs.
- I draw everything - from every fandom except super stylized characters .
- No "Madness characters" please- I need to look at the ref for a few hours. It won't do if it freaks me out.
- No changing the character mid-way through. (Seriously, that's not cool)
Did you read the rules? Then write neon lights into your comment!  

:SPECIAL: Framed for Fame Commissions

Wed Jun 20, 2018, 10:40 AM

Yo! I'm opening special point commissions today.

As you might have been able to guess from the title it's all about frames and OCs. 

Frame (1) by Lumen-Terra Frame (2) by Lumen-Terra Frame (3) by Lumen-Terra Frame (4) by Lumen-Terra Frame (5) by Lumen-Terra

These 5 frames are for YOUR characters. Pick one of them, follow some simple rules and we're good to go! 
To get a slot please fill out this simple form in a comment.

Each framed drawing will cost you 100 :points: and will have the title "Framed [Name of Char] For Fame"

Name / Nickname of the OC: 
Ref of the OC:
Frame shape: 
Did you read the rules?

Rules: (a.k.a what to expect) 
Every frame can only be used once.
If there are enough people interested it's only 1 slot per person.
The frame will match your character's colors.
Your character will be mirrored / symmetric styled.
It's portrait / bust shot only.
I'll include a simple gradient background for free.
Just to make sure you read all of the rules write I'm Fame into your comment.

In the end it should look something like this:
Request by Lumen-Terra 

Rules for my Art

Sun Dec 3, 2017, 8:50 AM

Whether it's a commission or a trade- here are some rules. 

What I draw:
ANY fandom. Yes, you read that right. I draw everything.
OC x OC*
OC x Canon* 
Canon x Canon*
A special style from a show you like. I can emulate these to make fake screenshots.
(*) If the pairing complies with the "No Drama" rule.


I can NOT access toyhouse. My anti-virus keeps telling me the website isn't safe and it's blocked by both of the programs I have installed. I am not willing to write a exception for every character page you send me so all refs that are sent over toyhouse will be declined. Alternatively you can send me the direct image address. You get that by opening the image in a new tab and then copying that address. 


  • Do not claim the art as your own. 
  • You may trace my art but only if you credit me for the original, admit that it's traced and only do it if you are the new owner of the image. 
  • You can cancel your commission at any time you wish. I will refund you as soon as possible but you won't get the WIP.
  • You can ask for a status report at any time. 
  • You can ask me to not watermark your commission.
  • You can repost it if you credit me, keep my signature intact and link to my DA page.
  • I have the right to decline commissions because of any reason. Even if it's a personal one.

Trades, Collaborations and Requests:

  • Don't rush me. My commissions always come first.
  • I can use your watermark on it if you want. Just ask.
  • You may NOT trace a AT or RQ artwork. 
  • You may also not claim it as your own even though it was made for you.
  • Please don't repost any of those images unless we agreed on it.
  • I have to right to say no if I don't want to do anything and you may not force me into doing an AT with you by drawing art for me and then expecting something in return.


  • I'm going to check you out if you want to adopt something from me. If you don't use them or care for them well I won't sell them to you. If I find out you are a proxy customer you'll be blacklisted.
  • You can resell them. Contact me so that I know my adopt has a new owner.
  • If I don't like what you do with my design (e.g if you make a horrific Mary Sue or sex doll/nsfw mascot out of them) I can ask you to give it back. Of course you will get your points back as well.
  • You can take my adopts as inspiration. Just don't recolor or copy.

What I won't draw:

Explicit NSFW
Fetish Art

Drama prone OCs or ships that can start a war in my comment section. I'm not calling anyone M.Sue but keep your drama off my stuff.(this rule can be bent via stash delivery)

Anything with a bad or plain creepy ref. sheet. What I can't see I can't draw.
"Pride OCs" (I'm proud of my place on the rainbow flag but making it an adopt or OC is not my kind of thing. 
I find it tasteless.)

Hate or Vent Art (Depending on the subject displayed and your reasoning for it. Ask me - but don't be sad if I decline.)

Religious art. I have my personal reasons for this. Please respect my choice to not draw anything directly religious. However, a simple cross or something vaguely related to any religion is fine.

Who stole my cape? ::tag game::

Sun Sep 17, 2017, 3:05 PM

Okay here's how this goes: Draw ANY hero you like -be it DC or Marvel- with Superman's cape but always draw a different hero each time so if your favorite is taken already, then sorry. You can also pick a villain if you want!

It's a funny gag @/ProphetofPrimes and I came up with and I want to turn it into a real tag now. It's all just for fun.
When you do draw them tag me and I'll put your art here in this journal so that we can all laugh at the silliness of it. :D

If you have drawn your part please tag someone else! 
AN: if you don't have the time it's also okay. Chat with me after you're done reading this. :D

 Superman has his cape. He likes it since it's a gift from his parents.
Barry... by ProphetofPrimes Barry... you stole it and the kryptonian is not happy. 
Batman wants to feel special too.. by SevLikesArt Now Batman has it because he wants to feel special too.
If you want it... by temarcia Master thief Catwoman has stolen it from the Bat. If you want it... come and get it Superman.
I got it now by Lumen-Terra And Nightwing got it now. That cape sure travels a lot... 
give the boy his cape back by frabjouss Now even Scarecrow has taken it. Give the boy his cape back already! 
sNATCHED by a-paranoid-android What the hell is Deadpool doing here?! Oh, he just snatched the cape to mess with us.
Dr Doom with Superman's cape by LogicalConclusions After Deadpool got bored we have Dr Doom with Superman's cape now. He just nicked off with it.
DC - In The Name of Magic by TheWhovianHalfling In the name of magic! It now belongs to Doctor Fate. 
Tag: Good for nothing else... by Towerte And now Deatstroke has the "good for nothing else cape". 
Tag: I am Groot! by Towerte I am Groot! (or: Let's steal the cape back into the Marvel universe
Red Hood meets Red Cape by 00Sparx00 Hey! Red Hood took it back into the DC universe and Supes doesn't look happy at all. The annoyed kryptonian is annoyed.
Dr Manhattan needs it by 00Sparx00 I guess he's tired of this game. Hey Supes, you'll get it back eventually. Besides Dr. Manhattan is going to take care of it for you.  
who stole the Cape (deaths head) by juggernot117 .....and straight back into the Marvel universe we go! The red cape makes a impressive trophy doesn't it?
 Swapping universes again- Starfire has it now! ""W
ho knows why she did it... maybe she wanted to find out why everyone else wears capes?"" -MP