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DivCom Fanart by Lumen-Terra DivCom Fanart by Lumen-Terra
Just some fanart for my favorite YouTuber. You can find the guys' channel here and if you like comics as much as I do I recommend you check him out. He's snarky but fair in his reviews and a pretty chilled person.…

I don't own the comic images used for the frame. They belong to their respective companies and studios and were used for a non-profit purpose. However I made the vector image in the front left part. 
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SquishyAutobot Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice work m'dude! might wanna tweet it at him bc he's active on twitter a lot <3 I'm sure he'll like it and appreciate it a lot

//watched his lost lights review once, I disliked how he only commented on Anode and lug ((I hate anode also, but I still felt like he could've critiqued the story and the horrible self centered dumb things shes doing as well instead of saying ''TRANS ROBOT'' over and over constantly. it makes his review somewhat boring.))
Lumen-Terra Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
You would? way cool! Thanks. :D

( It didn't bother me too much. I'm watching him mostly for his Marvel and DC stuff. I can't forgive IDW for making Arcee a mech-turned-femme. Lost light really has lost it's light for me even though it was once one of my favorite comics ever. T^T )
SquishyAutobot Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh i don't use twitter anymore, I meant you should tweet. Sorry for my bad english!

((I just pretend Lost Lights doesnt excist and that mtmte ended differently lol. I really hate that JR made the characters act so out of character and that he just pulls stuff outta his arse that make no sense and rushed story:/ i could go on for hours about what I hate about it. so what do u hate about lost lights if I may ask? XD also yes ugh Arcee...why did they make her Galvatrons brother also? It's insulting how they took G1 arcee and made her a psychopath with a bullshit past))
Lumen-Terra Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
I don't have twitter. lol I forgot my password somehow. 

Hmm.... let's see, it's easier to tell you what I like about it to be honest. 
I hate what they did to almost all femmes. They are either psychos or so OOC that it's not even funny anymore. 
I came to hate the writing style. There's too much unnecessary text and the characters sound like bumbling fools sometimes. 
I hate what they did to the main crew, mainly Rodimus and Magnus (their story arc didn't make any sense!) 

The list is longer but it's getting late and I don't want to send you a wall of text. lol xD
SquishyAutobot Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh lord please tell XD I love hearing rants about fictional things lol!

big rant ahead lol:

yeah I was like, wtf happened to Arcee and Elita? why are they both psychos now??? what about their badass G1 selves? also why does Nautica act so lame suddendly? she wasn't her cute self anymore. I still like Lotty tough <3 I didn't mind the jokes in MTMTE because it was nicely slow paced and they made jokes at the right moment. in LL however fucking ratchet turned into a ghost AND PEOPLE WERE STILL MAKING JOKES and anode and swerve being worried with their PRANKS? WTF! like dammit James! this is really not good writing! ugh! also can I just repeat myself when I say I DESPISE anode? I love adventurer cheeky characters like indiana jones and nathan drake but Anode is just a huge jerk with no charisma that it's not even funny or pleasing. she just seems like the bully that blames you for everything going wrong ((Example, she stole and blames the guy for being mad. or Anode throwing her life away DESPITE SUPPOSEDLY BEING A PROFESSIONAL??? bc of ONE accidental death she didnt cause and for no reason pretended to steal and make people think shes a thief? IT MAKES NO SENSE! NO LOGICAL PERSON DOES THIS))

I really love Magnus and Roddy in mtmte. In LL Rodimus acts a bit...odd. and I was a bit dissapointed by how Magnus acted so odd in Lost Lights and not like his MTMTE self??? ugh. wish Megs would kick some sense into papa Meggie

btw sorry if my english sucks, basically I'm trying to say I agree with u XD
Lumen-Terra Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
MY gosh YES. Anode is a problem, alright. Think less like Indiana Jones and make that more like the spy girls from the girly afternoon kid's program. I've seen vain but she's worse than that. I'd call her entitled brat but that's too nice in my opinion. xD 

I'm not acknowledging that Ratchet thing. Nope. Never. Nee. No chance. He's using a hologram in my headcanon. There problem solved. I mean wasn't killing him in AoE bad enough? Have they learned nothing from killing fan favorites?! Seriously- not cool. 

Roddy is barely the same character to me. Like in mtmte he's funny. A dork like me- sort of - and I like how he keeps annoying the living front-lights out of Megatron and Magnus. What happened to that guy? Where's that easily ticked off walking bundle of arrogance we all came to love?
Magnus himself is even worse. He's like a dead shell of his former self in LL. Sure big blue and shoulders has always been a bit stoic and formal but in LL he's barely even there. Mentally- I mean. 

and now to my biggest pet peeve ever: The two pink femmes.
I've never been a huge fan of any other incarnation of Elita besides her TFA and G1 self. I'm also not shipping her with Prime because to me they are semi-siblings and Prime's got a frigging WAR on his hands. The guy has no time for kiss kiss snuggle-time. BUT what they did to her in LL is not only ruining the legacy of a promising character, it's also rotting the basement of the whole fandom. Think of it this way: Prime's "girlfriend" is a psycho. What's that say about him and his crew? 
Then there's the problem with Arcee. I'm calling her a girl whatever happens. SJW and political correctness my ass- she's always been the one example of a kickass girl to me and now this crap happens. It's demeaning and disgracing. 

Heellll.... that's one big rant now. xD 
Oh and who cares about Egnlish skillz? I'm not going to bite your head off because of some bad grammar. 
SquishyAutobot Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
totally spies?honestly I don't think I can compare that to Anode since the three girls behave differently from what I recall. 

yeah with Ratchet it's like??? how'd he die??? at least give a good reason? ALSO WHY DID NOBODY COMMENT ON HIM VANISHING AHHHH

also a thing with ten, he showed his spark leaving his body but I thought legislators ((how however you spell it)) had no sparks. very odd. I bet it's a hallucination perhaps?

oh lordie, me and my  friend ((she's great at writing, lol I bet you'd like her ideas. we change the things we dislike and try a more different approach)) we RP a AU that Elita is a cybertronian instead of that other race in IDW universe and she and Optimus have a relationship but they prefer to keep it hushed and they aren't a clingy couple. they put their people and duties before their romance and own needs, and we do that almost nobody knows about it.
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