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Winter Dragon

By Lumaris
Edit: dksfhjskdjfhs this placed 2nd!!! :excited: There were so many amazing entries, I'm honored :faint:

Sorry for the flaws; did this for my final in VIS 101. It's for a slide show presentation in Power Point...any topic of choice. I decided to make one about speed painting

Also I chose to speed paint a dragon so I could get two birds with one stone. This is my entry in =SilentDeath007's Dragon Contest. :D

Lame title too...couldn't think of anything D:

art © Yukimi Mills

I give permission to *Fantasy-Fellowship and *xxFANTASY-CLUBxx to display this in their galleries.
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© 2009 - 2021 Lumaris
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Hello! There is a dragon group on facebook that I discovered. A majority of the artwork posted do not give credits to the artists and I found yours on there. :( There is a lot of stolen art there. 

Here's a link to it so you can report it as stolen intellectual property if you'd like to:…
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Thanks for letting me know! I've joined and waiting for an admin to approve; from what it seems though, it doesn't look like it's being used for profit. So I'm not really worried about it - though it would be awesome if everyone there were credited. I'll leave a comment on it when/if I get approved to join lol. Thanks again!!
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You're welcome and good luck! :) 
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this is incredible beautiful <3
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I freaking love it!
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Looking at your work really helps inspire me to draw.
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Your art is amazing. I was really inspired. :)
Beautiful work! I'm currently working on a book that involves a race of dragons, and this picture stood out in an internet search. Would you mind if I used this to upload as a "cover" during NaNoWriMo? The book is in first-draft mode only and nowhere near ready for an actual cover, but NaNoWriMo suggests you upload one, so I was just looking for pictures. I'll understand if not. Again, beautiful work!
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Wonderful Image! I gave this a try too but wasn't even close to yours :p Thanks for being good at art.
Reference is in the description too :)
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Please don't steal them ask and i will give,,,
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er hello?? i didn't stea them i showed you who stole it
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i am sorry thought i was on my own page. I meant no harm i again am sorry.
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I can second that
Sarahostervig's avatar
yep i already contacted most o the owners of the arts
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I saw your post. Thank you :) I've reported the deviation already.
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how can I report the girl thet stoled this?
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She's already banned.
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*-* i love this SUPER awsome work!
really nice dragon!
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