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CoF: The Curse by Lumaris CoF: The Curse :iconlumaris:Lumaris 117 6 Sorrik by Lumaris Sorrik :iconlumaris:Lumaris 51 6 Fen and Nebula by Lumaris Fen and Nebula :iconlumaris:Lumaris 41 6 Fen and Blue by Lumaris Fen and Blue :iconlumaris:Lumaris 30 1 Machines: Stand by Lumaris Machines: Stand :iconlumaris:Lumaris 44 2 Promo art - sketchy - Chronicles of Fen by Lumaris Promo art - sketchy - Chronicles of Fen :iconlumaris:Lumaris 24 0 Chronicles of Fen: The Orbs of the Tower by Lumaris Chronicles of Fen: The Orbs of the Tower :iconlumaris:Lumaris 138 6 Voices: A gift by Lumaris Voices: A gift :iconlumaris:Lumaris 18 1 Sketch: Taken by Lumaris Sketch: Taken :iconlumaris:Lumaris 25 1 MACHINES: Rise of the Crow by Lumaris MACHINES: Rise of the Crow :iconlumaris:Lumaris 138 2 VOICES: A portrait by Lumaris VOICES: A portrait :iconlumaris:Lumaris 30 4 Chronicles of Fen - Tearing at the Seams by Lumaris Chronicles of Fen - Tearing at the Seams :iconlumaris:Lumaris 21 0 Commission work by Lumaris Commission work :iconlumaris:Lumaris 23 0 Chronicles of Fen: Part Two - Nocturne by Lumaris Chronicles of Fen: Part Two - Nocturne :iconlumaris:Lumaris 16 0 Chronicles of Fen by Lumaris Chronicles of Fen :iconlumaris:Lumaris 19 0 I Am Your God by Lumaris I Am Your God :iconlumaris:Lumaris 134 5

Limora Books

Chronicles of Fen by anndr Chronicles of Fen :iconanndr:anndr 305 9 marble and terracotta by anndr marble and terracotta :iconanndr:anndr 700 18 Jamyn by finaleFlame Jamyn :iconfinaleflame:finaleFlame 3 2 Jamyn by yu-karasu Jamyn :iconyu-karasu:yu-karasu 30 4 Voices by anndr Voices :iconanndr:anndr 403 10 Eloth and Talimyro by AlexORio Eloth and Talimyro :iconalexorio:AlexORio 36 10 Sketched Boys by ellrano Sketched Boys :iconellrano:ellrano 58 6 COMMISSION: Talimyro by Lynaiss COMMISSION: Talimyro :iconlynaiss:Lynaiss 203 16 Anya Patreon sketch reward by DelythThomasArt Anya Patreon sketch reward :icondelyththomasart:DelythThomasArt 13 2 Com - Lumaris by PkingSora Com - Lumaris :iconpkingsora:PkingSora 44 11 Commission - Eloth by Igloinor Commission - Eloth :iconigloinor:Igloinor 15 2
FFFfdfdfdf :heart:

Random from Thundering Magic

Klithen by maiko-raivaru Klithen :iconmaiko-raivaru:maiko-raivaru 4 14 +commission+ Glow in the Dark by N-Maulina +commission+ Glow in the Dark :iconn-maulina:N-Maulina 51 29 Prince Thondalin - Commission by ikdomik Prince Thondalin - Commission :iconikdomik:ikdomik 15 15 James Ashendar by ikdomik James Ashendar :iconikdomik:ikdomik 4 18 Kantel Ellenshy Contest Entry by ikdomik Kantel Ellenshy Contest Entry :iconikdomik:ikdomik 7 18 Klithen Giftart by RiseofDarkFire Klithen Giftart :iconriseofdarkfire:RiseofDarkFire 3 9 James Chibi by Yomandas James Chibi :iconyomandas:Yomandas 5 6 The Stuff of Heros by Dellanine The Stuff of Heros :icondellanine:Dellanine 13 29 Writers Secret Santa::Lumaris by PipersAngel Writers Secret Santa::Lumaris :iconpipersangel:PipersAngel 7 42
Artwork either commissioned, requested, or gifted from friends and great artists. :heart:

Random from Written Work that Rocks

You run away; try to escape from
The dark beings who want your soul
A fairy queen in a world of blood
And in the sky the thunder rolls
You find a place to sit and think
About the fallen tree that holds your wings
All around you can hear their howls
Anguished cries of deep, dark things
And if you had never fallen in
Love with a twisted demon prince
Who didn't care nor want to love
But you ignored the eager hints
Now you know what you've done wrong
Now you must run from the hunt
You cry 'bout what a fool you've been
Fall and bask in the blackened sun
Though the trees they block your path
But not the creatures of the night
You keep on because you know
After darkness must come light
:iconthedownpour:TheDownpour 13 24
Mirror of Conscience-Prelude 2
Thoughtlessly, she wandered around her rooms, snapping at her servants and glaring at nothing in particular. Her inner peace now disturbed beyond repair, she waited for the one small hope that her request would be answered. Folding her hands mutely in her lap, she watched by her window, refusing food and company for weeks. The house hold shook their heads and whispered that she had finally lost her mind.
“Where is she?!” She paced her floor, shrieking in anger. “How can one woman manage to disappear?”
Opening her door, she targeted the first servant she saw. “You!” she yelled, causing the poor woman to jump and drop her basket of flowers on the ground. “You there. Do you know where she is?”
Bowing her head in respect, she shook her head. “No, mi lady. They are still searching for her, so I hear.”
Elaine waved her hand in dismissal and slammed the door loudly. “Morgan Le Fay, where are you?” she screamed.
“Here, Lady Elain
:iconindiewrites:IndieWrites 1 8
Dance of the Silver Sisters
The paths and the canyons,
On the moon-lighted surface.
The twists and the twirls,
On the mirror shell of honor.
…They glint now in the night.
The swirls and the curls,
Of the gothic decorum.
The glints and the tints,
On the silver plate of battle.
…They flit now in the night.
The drops and the flops (of war),
On the bowl of protection.
The dew and the rue (of war),
On the helm of valor.
…They mix now in the night.
On the silver, rounded shield,
Fallen warrior he did wield,
The water drops now lightly dance,
With the pond under, in a trance.
...The shield now melts and dazes.
Two silvers in the glances,
Two laughs, and two dances,
Two sisters of the rhyme,
Within a moment lost in time.
…One now are, these starry twins.
:iconsozokai:Sozokai 3 1
She woke up early every morning. Just to watch.
Watching them work every morning always sparked her curiosity. What did they think as their hands moved with swift efficiency, leaving nothing out of their scope? She likened it to watching an intricate dance, practised to perfection. A dance she wanted to learn.
They looked so poised and graceful, never showing any signs of fatigue that undoubtedly accompanied waking so early. She often found herself stifling a yawn or three, but always stayed awake, just to watch them.
She watched as they did all kinds of tasks. She moved from one room to the next, trudging along sleepily. Laundry, dusting, sweeping, cooking; she liked to watch it all. She wanted to do it all!
She had decided, from the moment she had happened to see them that she would become a maid. She would be the one in the shadows, cleaning up all the mess.
She wondered why they did it. Why couldn’t her father do it? Her mother couldn’t do it. From what s
:iconclaymason:Claymason 1 5
Rings and Strings
     “Asher, what are you doing?” I questioned in between giggles.  His lips met mine in a quieting hush while his hand groped awkwardly for mine.
     “Just a second, Noelle,” He whispered, a smile erupting across his features. His hazel eyes stared curiously into mine, unwavering and full of mischief. I tried to sit up, but he gently pushed me back down onto the bed, continuing to lean down over top of me. I raised an eyebrow, ready to question him once again.
     “I have something for you,” He said, pulling my left hand closer to him. He sat up on the bed, crossing his legs and pulling my arm gently to move me closer. Leaning backwards, I watched him open the drawer on his bedside table and withdraw something from within. I was beyond curious, now.
     “For you!” He exclaimed holding out
:iconakacorn:AKAcorn 7 7
Mature content
Pretending Perfect Strangers :iconravensquill:RavensQuill 4 37
Wanted: A Heart
A man went to the doctor today
Sat on that table in the usual way
To him there was much to say
No matter the cost he had to pay
“There is something very wrong,
I found it as I fought the throng
In the airport lobby in Hong Kong
Humming that sad little song”
“Tell me, please, all you can
I’ll try to help you before my tan
Promising you not with my hand
Will I hurt your shell of a man”
He was a vessel of reddish clay
Fashioned by hand now held at bay
Life breath flows to where he lay
His creator no longer to stay
“I have this feeling deep inside
Something is missing, take my pride
I care not for it, bleeding when I cried
Empty from the minute she died.”
Looking at the pictures a light took
The doctor nodded, his hand now shook
For before him, where the heart’s nook
Nothing there was save for a book
Inside there was written but one simple text
Regret filled the pages, this and the next
Over and over scrawled in pen like a hex
Words stopped the docto
:iconravensquill:RavensQuill 6 43
A Clean Break
My heart once fluttered,
Now stone cold to touch.
Where birds once sang,
No longer in my clutch.
Loyal companion now gone,
Best friend no longer.
Heaven stole you away,
Hatred grows stronger.
"Why did he die mommy?"
His patients growing thin.
Body trembles, touches ground,
Tears stream deep within,
Uncontrollable twitches,
Confusion in his eyes.
"Why wont he get up",
A stranger to goodbyes.
"Make him better mommy",
Band aid now in hand.
Trying hard to explain,
Simply couldn't understand.
"Here let me help you",
Hands shake with frustration.
His arms wrap around him,
Hoping to feel some vibration.
"Hunny he's gone to heaven",
His head shakes with disbelief.
Scooping him up in my arms,
Sobbing limp as a leaf.
Tomorrow will come and go,
The pain will slowly heal.
Nothing will make me forget,
The day my son lost Steel.
:iconserenityfhotography:Serenityfhotography 1 2
Climb on the back of Love
Just beyond the cumulus,
Behind the sonic boom.
Refreshing sight indeed,
Eyes gleefully consume.
Beauty in awakening,
Solace as light gets small.
Each character varying colors,
Emotions rise and fall.
Fascination lay in question,
Paths stay silent; unexposed.
Floating seamlessly about,
Below corruption predisposed.
Boundaries stay undefined,
Imagination takes its cue.
Nothing remains impossible,
The climb is worth the view.
:iconserenityfhotography:Serenityfhotography 1 1
Take care my dear.
Never forget those moments
That we held hands, we kissed, we said, “I love you.”
I leave you in the utmost care.
Never forget how much I loved you
How I held your hand, held you close, held your heart.
I will be back really soon, so
Never forget me or lose my love
The moments by the shore, in the park, in our hearts.
I remember those times we had,
Never forget those or me
The way I held your hand, caressed your face, loved you unconditionally.
I dream of you every night,
Never forget those special gems
The time we ran in the rain laughing, walked through a field, played in the surf.
I cannot stand being away from you.
Do you remember me?
The way I said your name, the way I held you in my arms, the way I kissed your lips?
I hope you did not forget my name.
Do your remember how I used to love you?
The way I held your hand, the way I caressed your face, the way I haunted your dreams?
:iconjazzman1989:Jazzman1989 19 34
Loving Love contest1
‘Easing Pain,
Though you’re the bringer,
You never seem,
To ever say
The hardest word to voice
There easy words,
I love you
I know
That you’re scared
I can’t help you
I’m sorry I can’t
You’re my love
And I’m not there.
I hear your screams
Your pleads
I watch your tears
A solid blue
Of your fears
I wonder softly,
If I’ll ever
Be able to
Your wounded heart
And that I’ll be any use.
Don’t think,
Don’t hear
Don’t cry,
My love
I didn’t
Mean to hurt you.
I don’t understand
You’re still here,
Even though
I still beat you.
When will we ever learn?
That we don’t belong,
Or are we hoping that
We change?’   
:iconpainless-tears:Painless-Tears 3 10
The Storm
The wind blows us closer
as the rain calls our names.
The thunder goads us on,
the Lightning knows our games.
White caps rage as the drops come faster.
Bigger, wetter and every inch worth a mile.
She can smell it in the thick humid air,
I can taste it in the burnt ozone bliss.
Another flash, this one closer still.
It rages and it strikes all around us.
Long lost shoes fill up,
Get carried away in the churning mud.
Barefoot hand in hand we twirl and spin.
A storm is what we love, all we’ve asked.
The drops are less frequent now, the noise fades.
The air crisper, fresher, newly cleaned.
A small gust breezes by,
A shiver up our spines.
Cold, wet, we hold each other close,
Sharing the same joyful inner warmth.
A mischievous smile spreads and
I know she has a flash.
Quick as lightning, falling, landing flat.
All I see is that same smiling beautiful face,
That dripping vibrant hair.
With a grin to match I stare back up at her, and then, a kiss, warm. Soft. Bliss.
More than I could ever
:iconmaffthelight:maffthelight 4 15
Who Needs Rain?
She had always dreamed of being kissed in the rain.  A quiet fantasy compared with most, but one that she had longed for since childhood had taught her of faerie tales and handsome princes.  
Her eyes drifted to the cieling as she thought about the man she loved.  He was the quiet type.  The perfect balance for her often loud and extroverted stylings, but not really much of a romancer.  Still, there were a few times he'd managed to surprise her with something sweet.  An occassional rose waiting for her on the side table when she woke up... A phone call from work just to say he loved her... A poem left on her pillow... She smiled.  The quiet type was perfect for her.
She was roused from her thoughts by shuffling noises coming from upstairs.  Her curiosity getting the better of her, she moved from her corner of the sofa and made her way into the hall and up the stairs.  She made it to the top in tim
:iconcaoimhe-aisling:Caoimhe-Aisling 3 11
Love with me - a poem on love
Wonder, wonder at the sky
Sing songs so sweet of melody
A soft and tender lullaby
And look at me - and look at me.
Empty my heart of sin and care
And warm my soul passionately
Dance in my mind on wings of air
And sing with me - and dance with me.
Let your emotions now shine true
Fingertips touching carefully
Let all things stop and start anew
And live with me - and love with me!
:iconshade-duelist:Shade-Duelist 1 2
Literature by amazing writers :heart:

Random Favourites

Pillars of Faith by huntress1979 Pillars of Faith :iconhuntress1979:huntress1979 3 6 Untitled 2--Shenandoah Valley by huntress1979 Untitled 2--Shenandoah Valley :iconhuntress1979:huntress1979 4 1 In the light... by CommandorxAburame In the light... :iconcommandorxaburame:CommandorxAburame 3 6 The song of betrayal by alexielart The song of betrayal :iconalexielart:alexielart 296 37 I would like comments by adreamersnightmare I would like comments :iconadreamersnightmare:adreamersnightmare 1 14 _Beetlecat_ by Sangluna _Beetlecat_ :iconsangluna:Sangluna 2,378 136 Petra + Lorraine - Chapter 11 by cthelmax Petra + Lorraine - Chapter 11 :iconcthelmax:cthelmax 4 41 The candyman by CommandorxAburame The candyman :iconcommandorxaburame:CommandorxAburame 3 4 Rufus quick sketch by yurecia Rufus quick sketch :iconyurecia:yurecia 28 64 Petra - Sitting by cthelmax Petra - Sitting :iconcthelmax:cthelmax 2 5 FF7 Flash Spoof-2 by Egoraptor
Mature content
FF7 Flash Spoof-2 :iconegoraptor:Egoraptor 2,578 713
Magic moment in Hollow Bastion by Santje-Chan Magic moment in Hollow Bastion :iconsantje-chan:Santje-Chan 8 7 Treelifes by panadonia Treelifes :iconpanadonia:panadonia 14 13
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Chronicles of Fen
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Chronicles of Fen: Cernuin

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2019, 12:29 PM

I commissioned anndr for the cover art to my book series, Chronicles of Fen: Cernuin - and needless to say, it's perfect. I'm super excited to reveal the cover too - so keep scrolling!

Chronicles of Fen by anndr


Scifi/Fantasy, adventure/rom (m/m, slowburn)

He made the gods mortal. He broke the laws of magic. The world pays for his crimes.

Fen, a powerful mage and rare harpy, is imprisoned. He spends thirty years figuring a way to amend his actions and kill the gods. With only three cities remaining, the time finally comes that he is granted his chance. The king gives him leadership over a special unit trained to fight the plague of monsters threatening mankind.

Yet, hated and mistrusted by the soldiers for his past, Fen must earn their loyalty. To do that, he needed their general's trust.

With this as his only chance to kill the gods and right what he wronged, he stands saint and sinner. Will he succeed, or is this the end of humanity?

Release date: May 24, 2019
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Funding For School

February 2018 - YOU GUYS HELPED FUND THIS! Between commissions here, FB, and patreon, I was able to save up and take a private mentorship with Adam Duff last year/beginning of this year.
I've completed it, and have experienced a HUGE jump in my confidence and skill set. I've still a lot to learn, but this helped a lot, and I have you guys to thank!
:heart: :heart:

Do you RP? (written, text, and/or tabletop -- I'm talking story based RP, fleshing out characters and plots and environments.) 

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