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Limora Books

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FFFfdfdfdf :heart:

Random from Thundering Magic

James for Lumaris by cthelmax James for Lumaris :iconcthelmax:cthelmax 3 10
Artwork either commissioned, requested, or gifted from friends and great artists. :heart:

Random from Written Work that Rocks

Scared Of The Dark?
All alone in the darkness
Left without even a kiss
Without somebody to hold
Who knew darkness was so cold
It's grip tightens on my mind
My vision suffocated, now blind
I'm falling alone in the dark
Left without love or it's spark
I can't escape it's mighty grasp
Holding me down like a steel clasp
I struggle to not be scared
But I'm left alone, my feelings bared
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 15 61
Dead Hate Gone
Racism holding the reins of terror
Bringing out all the resignation
The horror and meaningless desecration
What is it all for, surely not us
Why do you hate who you don't know
Spineless as a killer, coward like a crow
People hate those they never meet
Judging them no matter if they may be sweet
Cowards die many times but thats not enough
They live there entire life as a bluff
Their really just scared of themselves
Down into the soul their doubt delves
They never admit that they are wrong
Always fighting agaisnt the throng
They choose the evil sided prong
That doesn't matter, we will stand strong
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 3 46
The Forgotten
You sit there in the corner
A distant memory fading away
Just to be remembered, you pray
Please God just save me this day
You yearn to be on everyones mind
You thought you were nice and kind
Until one day they left you forever
With only yourself in this endeavor
Some people call this life
It comes with struggle and strife
Whether you are happy or sad,
Doesn't matter if were good or bad
You thought people would care
Giving them love and hope in a prayer
But in the end they are all gone
You're faced with only yourself by dawn
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 4 48
Your Not Alone
Your words make me smile
Your eloquence and style
Are designed to bring cheer
Every time you call me dear
I can't let you be sad for long
You're a great person and strong
Your heart and mind are unmatched
All your fear and doubt are dispatched
You must rise above your sadness
Keep on reaching for the bliss
Remember that people like me exist
Even when the bad memories persist
I will always be your friend
I will always have time to lend
For a person as nice as you
I hope you see that I care too
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 9 55
Kalei, Chapter 1
“Lady Kalei, the King wishes your presence.”
Kalei nodded. Lady Kalei. She liked the title, although it was in question. She was from a family of nobility. When her mother died, her second husband (not Kalei’s father) had remarried Princess Cyrelle, but both had died of plague shortly after. Since she had no other family, Kalei had passed into the care of the King himself. Since he was Princess Cyrelle’s half-brother, this made her his half-step-niece, almost a member of the royal family.
The King was in his chambers. He spent too much time there than was good for him, Kalei thought, but he had been very ill recently and was only now recovering his strength. “Your Majesty,” she said, sinking into a formal curtsy. Behind her, she heard the door click shut as the courtier left. Kalei rose and ran to the King’s beside. He rose to a sitting position and squeezed her in a bear hug.
“That’s my girl,” he said, releasing her. “Bother them
:iconriseofdarkfire:RiseofDarkFire 1 5
Kalei, Intermission
Prince Corvus stalked to the throne room, where his brothers were meeting as planned. He was late. He didn’t offer an apology; he simply slid in and dared his brothers to comment. None did. The Head – unofficially, simply the Head; officially the Head of a long string of things nobody could remember – gave him an odd look, but didn’t say anything.
“The King is dead,” the Head told them by way of preamble. “There are four brothers alive now. The King has decided that, instead of splitting the kingdom, you must find the Star. The kingdom will remain under my control until one of you brings the Star back.”
All the princes stared. “But – nobody’s seen the Star in decades,” Marcellus said. Corvus calculated quickly. His father knew that the kingdom couldn’t remain ruler-less for any length of time. Thus, the Star was findable.
“The King has given me three sets of runes,” the Head continued. “They will lead you t
:iconriseofdarkfire:RiseofDarkFire 2 7
Underground Alliance11
Chapter 11-Meeting Saria
The person just continued to stand there for a moment longer. "I'm warning you, leave now before I have to hurt you." Rhyn said as her hands again closed around a few more decently sized rocks. "That last rock was just a warning." She continued on, glaring at the man in front of her. "Next time, I won't miss." She paused for a moment to see if the person would heed her warning, but when the person made no move in any direction, Rhyn drew her hand back, preparing to launch it at the intruder.
"Please wait!" Rhyn froze, not from the fact that the person had finally spoken, but that the voice that came out of his mouth didn't match what all of her other senses were telling her. 'Either this person is much younger than he seems, he has the voice of a woman, or he is in fact a she. I'm hoping for the later.'
"Please wait." The person asked her again. Rhyna nodded her head and lowered her arm. When the stranger realized tha
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 3 4
Just sitting, looking up at clouds
They pass covering the sun like a shroud
The shapes form and quickly dissipate
Your looking, not knowing what to anticipate
They pass by like hours in a day
Like the seconds when you pray
They come from yonder, only to move on
Clouds passing like each day's dawn
They are white and they billow
They are fluffy and nice like a pillow
They can tell you of the comming storm
Or keep the day from getting to warm
You never know just what you might see
The unknown surrouding it amazes me
That is the reason I truly think
When staring at clouds you should never blink
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 5 34
Underground Alliance10
Chapter 10-Corbin Inserts Silver
“Will you at least move my wrists so they are in front of me?” Victor whined, “Honestly, this has got to be the most uncomfortable position.”
“I can think of a few more, if you’d like,” Corbin replied with a smug expression.
Talyn chuckled, “I’d love to see that.” Victor shot him an angry glare, only causing the other two to laugh at him.
Corbin sighed, “You are too entertaining.” Then he turned to Talyn, “I think we should bathe once Rhyna gets back. I’ve been hunting for this confounded creature for weeks.” Victor shot him another glare, which he ignored. “Besides, the cold water will do you some good for those ribs of yours.”
Talyn shook his head, “I’d be fine if you would have watched where you were going.”
“And you’d also be fine if you’d watched where you were jumping.”
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 12
What's the best game in the world, you might ask?
I can answer that easily.
Though getting in your possession is a task,
You get addicted to it quickly!
Gay is looks,
When you first see it.
But fun it really is,
Even when you watch and sit!
You can point and laugh,
when people mess up.
you can set it easy or tough,
by clicking the setup!
You dance around,
on a stupid mat.
even if your skinny or round,
you'll have to be as flexible as a cat!
So don't be lazy,
Get up and move.
you'll never regret playing,
Dance Dance Revolution!!!
:iconvampiress363:Vampiress363 4 15
Underground Alliance9
Chapter 9-Talyn Gets Them Lost
With a sigh of frustration, Rhyn shook her head and walked back to her blanket. Wrapping it around her, she lay back down and tried to go back to sleep. ‘Stupid, stupid men! Could those two possibly cause more trouble for each other?  I know that Corbin has every right to be mad at Victor, but he didn't even try to hear his side of the story, or even let him finish what he was trying to say. Honestly, guys are just too impatient.’
Hearing someone moving behind her, Rhyna turned her head to see Talyn also wrapping his blanket around him before lying next to her. Seeing her frustration, he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder before he withdrew it and tried to get comfortable enough to sleep. An extremely cold breeze blew through the clearing, causing Rhyn to shiver involuntarily.
Talyn saw her shiver, and placed his hand on her shoulder again. He pulled slightly against her, whi
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 9
They Are The Reason
They know the meaning of duty and honor
They know the feeling of victory
They know the crushing blow of defeat
The soldiers do not know how to cheat
They hold the flag up high
They stand for our country, our pride
They fought so hard so our nations side
Giving their live to be our freedom guide
They fought and delivered us our land
They would never back down, only stand
Fallen comrades were given final goodbyes
Because of tortured minds filled with hate and lies
So the reason we support then is clear
The protect and defend all we hold dear
Thats why we care so much for them
To not would be no less then mortal sin
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 2 29
She doesn't hate me she said
Not hate but loved instead
My mind full of joy, so happy
Until I woke from the dream I was having
It was true she didn't hate
But love me she did not
Still my loved locked behind a gate
At a hope hope she did my breath caught
There is still a small chance
So small, only a glance
But the ember is still there
Waiting to ignite, fire hanging by a hair
The inferno will be unleashed
I will give it a push
Then give it air in a rush
To start a fire in the brush
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 1 8
Underground Alliance8
Chapter 8-Corbin’s & Victor’s Stories
Victor sighed and looked down. “This is going to be a very long trip.”
“It’s not so bad,” Talyn teased.
Victor chuckled. He arched his back, trying to stretch his spine and shoulders, which ached terribly. ‘Rhyn didn’t get to see the wounds under my shirt.’
A wince must have crossed his face, because Talyn’s face dipped. “Are you okay?”
Victor looked over to where Corbin was sleeping. “Yes. Well…yes.”
Victor frowned, “How good would you be if you were beaten, tied up, and left that way for nearly a whole day? I’m still sore, thank you very much.”
Talyn rolled his eyes, “Perhaps if you watched what you said, we’d be more inclined to help you.”
The vampire snorted, “Help? Yeah right. Rhyna’s the only one that’s helped me.” He looked down and sighed lo
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 6
Literature by amazing writers :heart:

Random Favourites

Crusher Knight by Marcodalidingo Crusher Knight :iconmarcodalidingo:Marcodalidingo 256 21 White Dragon v2 by sandara White Dragon v2 :iconsandara:sandara 8,580 190 Zelda Wii U: Forest Temple by EternaLegend Zelda Wii U: Forest Temple :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 2,075 75 Christmas Flower by maril1 Christmas Flower :iconmaril1:maril1 93 18 Christmas Card 2015 by atomhawk Christmas Card 2015 :iconatomhawk:atomhawk 186 13 Untitled-38 by aditya777 Untitled-38 :iconaditya777:aditya777 966 16 nightmare of gotham by jiuge nightmare of gotham :iconjiuge:jiuge 3,762 71 Samshiel, Angel of the Eclipse by PeteMohrbacher Samshiel, Angel of the Eclipse :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 6,905 110 Lift me up by A6A7 Lift me up :icona6a7:A6A7 112 29 Illidan by sandara Illidan :iconsandara:sandara 3,301 171 lone rider by M0nkeyBread lone rider :iconm0nkeybread:M0nkeyBread 91 13 Advent Calendar 2015 - December 15 by Vyrhelle-VyrL Advent Calendar 2015 - December 15 :iconvyrhelle-vyrl:Vyrhelle-VyrL 641 28 Advent Calendar 2015 - December 16 by Vyrhelle-VyrL Advent Calendar 2015 - December 16 :iconvyrhelle-vyrl:Vyrhelle-VyrL 370 14 Wounded Cuirassier study by Tsabo6 Wounded Cuirassier study :icontsabo6:Tsabo6 275 19 Manaka by Tsabo6 Manaka :icontsabo6:Tsabo6 513 35 Sunset lagoon by M0nkeyBread Sunset lagoon :iconm0nkeybread:M0nkeyBread 271 40
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I'm not leaving DA, but I'm leaving the CORE subscription. I think it's good til July. But if not, oh well. I'm gonna miss the custom boxes and having the shout-out box thanking everyone for their help, and just sharing the peers from my past (that raiding box has been there for over 6 years. They're artists I looked up to a lot there!)

Also, that rick roll'd tab on the bottom. That was fun.

Anywho, I feel like DA was the place I "grew up" at. I learned so much, met so many people, and had an awesome sense of community with. I couldn't recultivate it when I came back from the hiatus, and I think that's in big part to most of my peers also growing up. So we all moved to other platforms - while maintaining the ghost of our pasts here. 

Most of my updates are scattered between FB, Instagram, and Patreon. But I still try to remember to log in here and there to post something new, or nose through notifications. 

I miss the "old days" but I feel happy to have experienced them. This old account will never go away for as long as DA exists, but my active presence has moved on to other platforms. 

So if you want an easier way to keep updated on my art, check out my FB page, my author page, and my instagram. You could even follow my patreon (you don't have to pledge to it, I make a lot of posts public. It's just early access and certain content that'll be patreon-only.)

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It was a fun run, CORE DA. 
Gonna cringe a bit when the ads come in, but oh wells. 

Love always~

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I've completed it, and have experienced a HUGE jump in my confidence and skill set. I've still a lot to learn, but this helped a lot, and I have you guys to thank!
:heart: :heart:

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