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Limora Books

marble and terracotta by anndr marble and terracotta :iconanndr:anndr 579 18 Jamyn by finaleFlame Jamyn :iconfinaleflame:finaleFlame 2 2 C - Eloth and Tali by raka-raka C - Eloth and Tali :iconraka-raka:raka-raka 181 13 Jamyn by yu-karasu Jamyn :iconyu-karasu:yu-karasu 30 4 Voices by anndr Voices :iconanndr:anndr 400 10 Eloth and Talimyro by AlexORio Eloth and Talimyro :iconalexorio:AlexORio 36 10 Sketched Boys by ellrano Sketched Boys :iconellrano:ellrano 57 6 COMMISSION: Talimyro by Lynaiss COMMISSION: Talimyro :iconlynaiss:Lynaiss 201 16 Anya Patreon sketch reward by yamicool Anya Patreon sketch reward :iconyamicool:yamicool 14 2 Com - Lumaris by PkingSora Com - Lumaris :iconpkingsora:PkingSora 44 11 Commission - Eloth by Igloinor Commission - Eloth :iconigloinor:Igloinor 17 2
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Random from Written Work that Rocks

If The Sun Could Whisper
I watch as your
latex skin, folds
against the breezes
and then melts into
puddles of
solidified sunshine.
Your lips smacked
poison against mine;
with our first kiss
I was already dying.
My mouth was
filled with holes
that leaked words
of unused wisdom and
I pretended to wonder about
the constellations that you
erased with your thumb.
And about
your bones that
crashed into the earth.
But there were no
meteors to coat your fall.
How did you survive?
:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 104 156
HaikuWriMo 2
Shadows dance around,
Moonlit purity abound,
Light ensnares the night.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 14 24
A figure of everything broken,
Cast out as she withers and dies,
Each step that she takes is forgotten,
Ghost of the world where she hides,
In her life she’s seen never a joy,
Kept imprisoned in so many lies,
Marked by pain and such torturous noises,
On her own she will never be pacified,
Questions left in a mind of responses,
Shaken and stirred for a time,
Unable to escape all the voices,
With no courage she runs to exile,
Yesterday’s child is forgotten, no one cares for the meaningless zilch.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 15 29
Daddy, daddy I miss you!
You used to make me feel like a princess, a master of the tale,
You left me feeling empty in a world full of strangers.
Daddy,daddy I miss you!
Your songs gave me wisdom, while you taught me love,
You left me feeling lost, in a world full of hate.
Daddy, daddy I love you!
Why did you let this happen?
All that’s left is a body rotting; a woman gloating,
You left me furious in a world of violent fools!
Daddy, daddy I love you!
Hold me and make everything better,
Take me away from the pain; the knowledge that the world no longer knows you,
You left me alone to remember amongst amnesiacs!
Daddy, daddy- Do you love me?
Am I anything you wanted? Am I the daughter you meant me to be?
You let her take you away, so I couldn’t learn from you.
You left me to this pain- why’d you leave me to cry?
Why won't you come back?
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 13 25
I could hear her heart pounding
Her feet slapping against the frozen ground
I stood, silent
It was almost time for this to end
Now and forever
Her breath came out in frightened gasps as she spun around the corner.  Leaning against the cobbled wall, she panted.
I smiled.  Almost laughed.  The time was nearing.  
I lifted my eyes and brought my hand down swiftly.  
The fourth wall slammed into place.
She jumped, eyes scared, body tense and quivering.  I stepped forth from the shadows that concealed me.  
"No," she whispered, I could hear her clearly.  "No,"
I approached her figure, slumped against the stone, and even in her weakness she attempted to move away.  
I smiled again.
Subtly she lifted her gaze to the tops of her stone enclosure, she probably didn't think that I could see every tiny movement she made.  Even now, through all this, she still coudn't g
:iconeinnobztron:einnobztron 4 30
the tall grass
between our toes
and the wildflowers
in the night
the darkness caresses us
wherever we lie
the summer breeze
sings songs of freedom
under the stars
and lifts the hair off our necks
the petals’ scent
mingles with yours
it’s a sweet chemistry
they create
on this hillside
where the wildflowers bloom
we gaze at the sky
and let time’s waves
wash over us
as slow as you please
when I roll on my side
to face at you
the long grass
tickles my ear
you look over at me
smile a slight,
beautiful smile
reach over
pluck a small, violet blossom
and tuck it behind my ear
and then you smile more
at my blush
and pull me closer
beside you
your arms are warm
around me
in the cool
summer twilight
I want to stay here forever
my eyes closed
among the wildflowers
:iconeinnobztron:einnobztron 5 6
not alone
I’m sure I never knew
that a girl’s wings
could be broken
so badly.  
it took many shots,
for she is a fighting thing,
but slowly, it all came apart,
and she began to fall.  
don’t get me wrong -
she is human, just like the rest of us;
we all have wings.
you just usually can’t see them.  
so she, a real, human girl
started to fall.  
that’s when they came, of course,
from all imaginable sides,
tearing her apart.  
skin from bone,
heart from body,
some merciless, some unwitting,
but all so effective.  
it’s not the falling that’s the worst,
she tells me;
it’s the landing. . .
and I realize something.  
I realize
that no one had been there
to catch her,
or to break her fall.  
I look at her,
and realize how hard it can be
to find a friend
with whom to trust what's most valuable
when it’s so difficult
to tell truth from lies,
or when a simple misunderstanding
can se
:iconeinnobztron:einnobztron 6 29
Simply Forgetting
Secrets are told,
In the bleeding of souls,
Yet what do we owe such a pleasure?
Our hearts become cold,
Our bodies grow old,
And into nothingness wither.
Why not ignore,
All that doth bore,
And amass in your broken down heart?
Open it more,
Just like before,
And there meet your end, not your start.
Emotions can lie,
And aptly defy,
All the restraints that you bear them,
Night after night,
You softly cry,
And often you quickly condemn.
Left all alone,
Narry a home,
Left to scavenge for laughter and love,
A murder condoned,
Of flesh and of bone,
By a woman of darkness and blood.
Closing thy eyes,
To what you despise,
Sometimes is the worthiest choice,
You never shall cry,
From what you deny,
By drowning the miserable voice.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 17 53
Clustered Thoughts
Arrest thy feelings, release their bonds,
Cut them loose with worthy deeds,
Each second passes, swiftly flies,
Gently as time holds thy heart,
In caring hands, in softened jest,
Knowing eyes catch all thine lies,
Mere shadows hide within the night,
Of destiny and prophecy,
Quiet thoughts silently roam,
Sleekly swimming with the tide,
Unjustly claiming every vice,
Which holds you and exonerates,
Your beauty, soul and zeal.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 16 43
Dark Dilemma
Darkness consumes me, holds me close,
The night seduces, draws my lust,
Breathing fire, smelling fear,
Of those who wait so close to here,
For me to turn them into dust,
And torture everyone they know.
Half a nighter, incomplete,
Without my horns, my darkened tail,
He won’t provide these things for me,
He sees my needs so easily,
For of the Heavens there’s a male,
Who makes me cry out, makes me weak.
Why must a feeling so exist,
In someone meant to breed in blood,
With agony and naughty truth,
All that’s evil, all uncouth,
Each thing that makes the sorrow flood,
Is my salvation; happiness.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 16 24
Open the floodgates and let it all out,
Surrender yourself upon agony’s hand,
Each slice to the heart, each staggering doubt,
Open the floodgates and let it all out.
Face every fear from each painstaking bout,
Fight not to fall, but to get up and stand,
Open the floodgates and let it all out,
Surrender yourself upon agony’s hand.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 17 44
Underground Alliance16
Chapter 16-Victor Rescued
"How much longer are we going to have to wait for Corbin?" Talyn asked impatiently.
Rhyn just sighed. "He's probably trying to convince Saria to wait here for him. He doesn't want to bring her anywhere near the guards that were looking for her. But she doesn't want him walking in there either, since he's still wanted for the murder of the Emperor's sister." As if that was their cue, Talyn and Rhyn could hear Saria's and Corbin's muffled voices coming from above them.
"If you're going, then I'm going too." Saria said stubbornly. "I'm not going to have you get caught while I sit here and do nothing."
"Saria, I'm not going to get caught, but we can't leave him there, and I can't risk you getting caught. I've already lost you once to them, and I refuse to let it happen again."
"Very noble of you, love, but I'm going."
"I'm sorry, but this in not open for discussion." Saria glared at Corbin, who returned it. His gaz
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 7
Your Fantasy
Your Fantasy
Dragons hover in mid-air, their wings flapping lightly, to stay afloat, with riders on their backs, waiting. A battle is taking place below, in the arena. Crowds of people sit, forming the audience. They cheer, and shout, and scream. Red faces, pale faces, sick faces, faces with tears running down their cheeks. Children jump up and down, trying to get a better look at the battle, copy the adults. Dogs, running amok, bark and howl as the battle runs on. The noise is deafening, but these elves and so called demons, do not have a choice, but to fight. Elves, demons, vampires, the ones who do not belong, ones who have come from afar and had gotten lost.
Blades clash, and stab, and hit. Blood splatters, limbs break, heads come off, and then finally death comes upon them. They have no real enemy amongst each other. The real enemies are the ones who set them up to fight, the humans. They have no special powers, but this was their territory. Therefore, they rule.
Every one of the
:iconclassic-poet:classic-poet 10 28
Literature by amazing writers :heart:

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Yukimi Wintel
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm world building, freelancing, and sketching all the time. Occasionally there's a nicely rendered painting.

COMMISSION STATUS: -closed until 50% queue is done-
1 of 4 book illustrations complete (details on #1 received)
0 of 25 book illustrations complete (waiting on details)
0 of 2 book cover illustrations complete (1 for October, 1 for February 2019, waiting details)

I'm on Patreon, but it's on hiatus until November.

But if you want to support what I do, consider buying me a coffee? :meow:
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Voices: Song of Sorrow

My crap 20th attempt at a synopsis:
Talimyro, set to be the heir of the Industry, finds himself a target of acquisition in the ongoing war between the Pyrasi Government and the Rebels. Eloth tries to pull together a plan to save Tarvin from itself, using any and all resources within his range of availability. The two come together, realizing they need each other to activate the Old World Machines and save Tarvin.

(Editing: nigh complete - April will have beta readers and May will be revision-month, hoping to release in June or July on Amazon as e-book and print.)

Machines: Book I
(my current writing project for this year)
I hope to post this once I am back to actively writing it -- I've pulled it due to writing the whole draft in November last year and deciding to scrap a lot of the original ideas and will rehash a new plot this year.)

Jamyn is a slave for labor in the city of Gailon. He wishes nothing but the freedom joining the priesthood may give him - but only the High Priest himself can convince his owners to sign him over. When meeting a runaway fugitive leads to his world falling apart, he must choose between comfort and peace.

I'm on Discord now! Woot. Still getting the hang of the bugger, though. I'll get a server going, maybe, idk. /flops

Patreon :bulletgreen: Website :bulletgreen: Instagram :bulletgreen: YouTube :bulletgreen:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

A bit belated, but thank you all new watchers, and welcome to my deviantart page! :la: I'm not as active as I'd like to be, so apologies if I lapse a while between uploads.
I'm pretty stunned with the surprise success of MACHINES: Go Get 'Em  ... had no idea peeps would like it enough that it'd luck into the "Popular 24 hrs" and then "What's Hot" categories! Thank you :iconlawooplz:


VOICES: Song of Sorrow, is now almost 1/3 complete (as far as the revision goes.) If I keep up this pace (slow as it may be), I should finish it in 1-2 more months. Which means, after a couple self-passes to copy edit/fix anything I can catch, I'll be tossing it at beta readers to help catch things, be they plot holes or things that don't make sense or errors that glare. THEN I send it to an editor (which I found one! Eeeee!)

While my editor does her thing, I'll be working on the second book. PLAN is to have book II half done or all the way done and in revision when releasing book 1 - but only when I know I can release book 2 within 3-4 months of the first's publication. I don't want people waiting years (and I don't want to wait years, haha. I want to write MACHINES really bad!)

Anyway, that's the update! I have a lot of commissions to do, so it may be a bit before another personal work update. But thank you for your support! :heart:

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Funding For School

February 2018 - YOU GUYS HELPED FUND THIS! Between commissions here, FB, and patreon, I was able to save up and take a private mentorship with Adam Duff last year/beginning of this year.
I've completed it, and have experienced a HUGE jump in my confidence and skill set. I've still a lot to learn, but this helped a lot, and I have you guys to thank!
:heart: :heart:

Do you RP? (written, text, and/or tabletop -- I'm talking story based RP, fleshing out characters and plots and environments.) 

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You know you want to. :iconwaggleplz:


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