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Photoshop Foliage/Grass Brush Pack

By Lumaki-o
.abr file w/ instructions

Handy brushes for nature bgs.
Feel free to download, no need to ask or credit!

Pro tip: Pressure sensitivity controls color dynamics, so choose a shadow and highlight color to quickly add depth

Other Useful Resources (Yuumei’s Cloud brushes + Tutorial) (Pruzjinka Cloud/Trees + Tutorial) (fateline-alpha Dirt + Tutorial)
© 2017 - 2021 Lumaki-o
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those are the exact brushes i was looking for

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Am I able to use these brushes with procreate?

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Awesome... works


great with the game im making!

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How do I download the brushes?

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just click that link

sadly its not up to date with photoshop

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Is it possible you can convert these to firealpaca or medibang? ^^' If you can't may I just have the original image then? I can try to figure out the settings for these if I have the original image ^

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Hi Luz, I no longer use photoshop so I can’t check the settings for you. However, the process of making a nature brush is relatively simple! there are many great tutorials that teach you how to design your own bg brushes. The unique bit to mine is using pressure sensitivity to change colors. I would also look into that if you want to get something relatively similar to the preview images :)

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You can convert these by using an ABR viewer! I know there's a pay-to-use app for iOS and android, but there should be free programs if you're using a computer

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Thank you very muuuuch ^^ ♥

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Thank you! Kind of you to share!

thank you sooo too much! <3

amazing! thank you!

Thank you!

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Thank you <3

the link is broken, can you solve this?

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Hi, try it one more time! my end seems to be in order

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