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(DONE) Lum March Raffle by Acetylace
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Custom Lum: Asiatic Lily by Acetylace
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This group is dedicated to my closed species, Lum~
Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join!
Group icon by XenoStateOfMind <3
MYO Lum Info
1. You MUST show me a preview of your Lum, you can only upload it after I APPROVE it.
2. The base price allows you to use all and only common traits. All other traits have a set price.
Two rare traits would be $4/400 points, full cost would be $12/1,200 points with base price.
MYO base price:
$8/800 :points: Base price (ALL COMMON TRAITS)
Trait Prices:
+$1/100 :points: per Uncommon trait
+$2/200 :points: per Rare trait
+$4/400 :points: per Very Rare trait
+$6/600 :points: per Legendary trait
Fill this out with whatever you want and comment below with it!
I must give you the okay before you send payment. Do not forget
to show me a preview of the Lum before uploading~
Payment choice:
Number of Uncommon traits:
Number of Rare traits:
Number of Very Rare traits:
Number of Legendary traits:
Full price:

RulesAll the rules for anything Lum related is listed here!
The most important rule is Lums are a closed species, you can not make your own!

Adopting/Owning a Lum
1. Lums can only be adopted from Acetylace and those who were given permission to make them as adopts.
2. You are allowed to change the gender upon adoption, You must get permission from the creator before doing so.
3. You MUST credit Acetylace when you draw your Lum as the creator of the Lum species.
4. Hairstyles and outfits are allowed to be changed after adoption.
5. All the things listed that you are able to change are the ONLY things you can change without permission.
6. You can contact Acetylace if there is a minor change you want to make that is not listed.

Selling/Trading a Lum
1. You can sell your Lum.
2. You can also trade your Lum for other Lums, art, and anything really.

Lum InformationThis is a WIP.
Lum live hidden in nature, away from human civilization. They are strong beings that can live for hundreds of years. Humans are well aware of their existence but Lum do not put themselves in contact with humans very often. Lums often live where most humans would not dare to go. They are similar to humans in many ways. Lums are very intelligent but they choose to not to live like humans do. Their connection with nature is very strong and they do not want to break it. Overall, Lums are gentle creatures and do not mind humans.
General Anatomy
The way a Lum's body looks is very similar to a human but it functions very differently inside. Being very connected to nature, their body is supported by the plant life which grows on it. Their Eye-flowers and other growths allow them to live up to thousands of years. They always have two Eye-flowers on their head and these connect to their brain. All other Eye-flowers have the main purpose







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