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Hello everyone ! 
I've not been around here for a while, but still, now I am.
I want to share a project with you, its mostly in french so i'll start with that ! 

P / / / FLASHSNACK by Luluugah
FR: Du coup, j'annonce rapidement qu'avec un collectif d'artistes, nous avons lancé un financement participatif pour l'édition de notre premier projet ! Ça s'appelle Flashsnack et c'est un zine qui regroupe plein d'illustrations, BDs, photos et textes racontant des souvenirs gustatifs. Ça parle de bouffe quoi ! 
Le recueil trouve entre ses pages les travaux de 14 artistes, tout le monde a des univers très différents et c'est assez cool de les voir réunis en un seul ouvrage de plus de 70 pages.
voilà le lien de notre campagne ulule :
La campagne se finit le 19 Octobre, donc il nous reste encore deux semaines pour les 100% de notre objectif !!! N'hésitez pas à nous soutenir si le projet vous plait, même une petite somme ou un simple partage du lien nous aide énormément.

Vous pouvez aussi suivre l'actualité de notre collectif sur Facebook ou Twitter
Nous avons aussi un petit site web mais il est en construction.
ENG: To be short, with a bunch of artist friends, we've been working on a collaborative zine that revolves around two themes : memories and food ! It's full of drawings, comics, photography and various stories from 14 young artists point of views ! 
You can check out our Ulule campaign right here :
The book has an english and a chinese translation on the works. If you're interested in the project, to support us ! Even if its a small amount or just sharing the link, it helps us a lot. !!!!

Thanks for your attention and see you very soon !!

Arto fighto !!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 1, 2017, 2:54 PM
Where to find me?

Hoooyaahhh !!
Even tho the site is having issues rn,
i'm participating in this year's Art Fight !

>> <<

I'll do my best to score points ayyy

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CORE ????

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 7, 2017, 6:29 AM
Where to find me?

HEY THERE !!!!! i finally got a core membership !! look at that, i'm already messing with journal skins and all, what a blast ! 
Name change happened ! and its great i'm the one and onlye luluugah (like everywhere else) now !! yeehaww

Expect some more messing and tweaking around bc i'm having a blast 
Also expect some better journal skin bc im very sorry for this one ahhahaha

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HOLA !!!

Imma be doing some inktober / goretober this year ! 
Not sure to complete both or none, so i'll just go and do whatever I feel like ! 

Uploading the lists I'm following on here so I can track everything more conveniantly, yeee ! 
Juni's // Electricpuke's // Official 2016 list

I might upload them in batches here on deviantArt i dunno yet, aaaaahhhahahhhh
:bulletorange: Day 1 : Fast twi
:bulletorange: Day 2 : Noisy twi
:bulletorange: Day 3 : Collect twi
:bulletorange: Day 4 : Hungry twi
:bulletorange: Day 5 : Sadtwi
:bulletorange: Day 6 : Hidden twi
:bulletred: Day 7 :
I'll update this journal later ayyaaaa
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Hello there, my dear deviantArt crawlers !

(editing this journal a bit,,, ahahha,, sweats)

    It has been a good while. I wanted to come by and say hello and see ? If I still have some active watchers and such. I just realized that there still are a good 144 of you ! That's incredible ?? I'm not even that Active and such !! Thanks a lot !!

        About me, I'm still drawing a lot, just not taking time to put everything up on here. I usually just throw everything on one of my twitter accounts : Luluugah (this one is full of french ranting and selfies) or Luluugargh (this one is supposed to be more abt OCs, school work, furry trash, a bit of vent art and NSFW ). I also still roam a bit on tumblr / pixiv but school has been cutting off a lot of my internet time hahaha.
(( Art blog is here , personal blog there , and also inspiration & references blog ))
I'm working on a lot of projects and stuff, planning on doing some species (closed? open? i dont know? but i want to try !) and maybe opening comissions bc i'm a bit in need of money OTL


I guess I shall be uploading some more of my things on here (in hopes that I can keep my promise hahaha) I miss the times I was active and getting to know peeps on here ):

I'm out

but soon to be back
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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2011, 4:47 AM
Where to find me?


I had to quit my job bc of health issues and other stuff and I'd like to see if I can take comissions and stuff SO YEAH mmmmm.
Wanna do some "material" stuff like, stickers or postcards ??? Don't know.

I shall edit that journal again later i guess ??? ayyy

(whispers i also want to work on a closed species,,,, sweats)