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Arto fighto !!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 1, 2017, 2:54 PM
Where to find me?

Hoooyaahhh !!
Even tho the site is having issues rn,
i'm participating in this year's Art Fight !

>> <<

I'll do my best to score points ayyy

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CORE ????

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 7, 2017, 6:29 AM
Where to find me?

HEY THERE !!!!! i finally got a core membership !! look at that, i'm already messing with journal skins and all, what a blast ! 
Name change happened ! and its great i'm the one and onlye luluugah (like everywhere else) now !! yeehaww

Expect some more messing and tweaking around bc i'm having a blast 
Also expect some better journal skin bc im very sorry for this one ahhahaha

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HOLA !!!

Imma be doing some inktober / goretober this year ! 
Not sure to complete both or none, so i'll just go and do whatever I feel like ! 

Uploading the lists I'm following on here so I can track everything more conveniantly, yeee ! 
Juni's // Electricpuke's // Official 2016 list

I might upload them in batches here on deviantArt i dunno yet, aaaaahhhahahhhh
:bulletorange: Day 1 : Fast twi
:bulletorange: Day 2 : Noisy twi
:bulletorange: Day 3 : Collect twi
:bulletorange: Day 4 : Hungry twi
:bulletorange: Day 5 : Sadtwi
:bulletorange: Day 6 : Hidden twi
:bulletred: Day 7 :
I'll update this journal later ayyaaaa
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Hello there, my dear deviantArt crawlers !

(editing this journal a bit,,, ahahha,, sweats)

    It has been a good while. I wanted to come by and say hello and see ? If I still have some active watchers and such. I just realized that there still are a good 144 of you ! That's incredible ?? I'm not even that Active and such !! Thanks a lot !!

        About me, I'm still drawing a lot, just not taking time to put everything up on here. I usually just throw everything on one of my twitter accounts : Luluugah (this one is full of french ranting and selfies) or Luluugargh (this one is supposed to be more abt OCs, school work, furry trash, a bit of vent art and NSFW ). I also still roam a bit on tumblr / pixiv but school has been cutting off a lot of my internet time hahaha.
(( Art blog is here , personal blog there , and also inspiration & references blog ))
I'm working on a lot of projects and stuff, planning on doing some species (closed? open? i dont know? but i want to try !) and maybe opening comissions bc i'm a bit in need of money OTL


I guess I shall be uploading some more of my things on here (in hopes that I can keep my promise hahaha) I miss the times I was active and getting to know peeps on here ):

I'm out

but soon to be back
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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2011, 4:47 AM
Where to find me?


I had to quit my job bc of health issues and other stuff and I'd like to see if I can take comissions and stuff SO YEAH mmmmm.
Wanna do some "material" stuff like, stickers or postcards ??? Don't know.

I shall edit that journal again later i guess ??? ayyy

(whispers i also want to work on a closed species,,,, sweats)