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Append MIKU

Vocaloid's Miku Append.
The append designs are so beautiful, i've always wanted to draw them properly. I want to do the twins too sometime!
lately, ive done nothing but advertise in the comments,
so im kind of stumped for what to talk about..
but its good to get back into drawing (and have time to play with the intuos) now that Jan exams are done with ^^)b

Thank you for viewing!
You can also find me around on Tumblr //  Twitter // Pixiv  
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it is awesome!
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This is my favorite Miku <3
Lovely work!
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So beautiful! :iconhatsuneplz: Your drawing are all so beautiful!! :iconinloveplz:
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how beautiful *w*
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Miku looks beautiful! ♥
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Hello, just dropped by to look for a preview image for my story and then I saw this.
I thought it would be perfect with my story line.
You see, the title of my story is 'The Magic in Reality' and most of the action or battles will happen in their Append Mode so that's why I aimed for Miku Append and those wings just matched and perfect to represent the 'magic' in reality so....

Is it okay if I use this picture for my story? I'll agree in your rules, just list them down.
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Just beautiful.. ^^ This is so awesome! :D
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Holy shit.
This makes my 'work' look 9999999999999x worse
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Beautiful.... i think i'm going to cry....*tears* jk^^
How do you do the background??? IT REALLY LOVELY XD...Could u do a tutorial on it...pretty pls with a cherry on top XD [link]
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Wow the details are amazing and the colors are so surreal! The shading is great, and the wings look perfect. I wouldn't touch a line, this is perfection. :heart:
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(^^)b awesooooome!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love your coloring tecnique!!! It's so GOR GE MOUSE DARLING I don't know how you do it but YOU GO GURL :)
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omg.. this is just... *-* gorgeous.. simply amazing
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One word to describe it: PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So beautiful... Sorry I have something in my eyes. *Cries at how beautiful it is*
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Oh my gosh the EFFECTS, I love how everything is blended :D....And her WINGS, are so, detailed.. I want them!
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omg i love it! i wish i could draw like you...
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