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[Clan Leader] Hibiki Takumi 1263 by luluopp [Clan Leader] Hibiki Takumi 1263 by luluopp

Note: For bond information see my RP tracker

I. Character Information:
Medical Information:
Ninja Registration Number: #171469
Full Name: Hibiki Takumi [響匠: echo, artisan]
Gender: Male
Current Age: 20
Birthday: March 14th 
Height: 6”1 | 185cm
Weight: 170lbs | 77kg
Blood type: B+

II. Personality Information:

Hobbies: |Cooking|Going to the Hotsprings|Relaxing (In his few spare moments)|Smoking|
Mannerisms: |Leans to his right more when lying|Sinks into himself when overwhelmed|Bites his lips when nervous or anxious|Rubs his forefinger and thumb together|Has trouble looking people in the eyes|Smokes often|Wears a neutral face typically|
Likes: |Silence|Cooking|Walks|Teaching|Afternoon Tea|His Clan|Bitter Foods|Puzzles and Games|His Students|Smoking|Art|
Dislikes: |Ihaigakure|Being the center of attention|Pets|Cheaters|His parents|Tests and reading|Swimming|Romance|
Inspirations: |Yoite Hibiki|
Life Goals: |Lead his clan to greatness|Find some sort of peace again|Be a good teacher|



    Takumi is wise beyond his years and incredibly smart. He prefers to think through situations thoroughly before making decisions to get the best outcome. He is also incredibly passionate about things, such as his clan and ideals, though this passion can sometimes cause him to be stubborn when it comes to compromise. Being a particularly stubborn person he doesn’t like to ask for help or be helped by others when it isn’t on his terms and prefers to be independent. He likes to watch and analyse before becoming involved in conversation or events causing him to be quite reserved and at times a bit shy. Lately he has been rather despondent due to the events that have transpired, particularly Enkou leaving and becoming a rogue ninja. When it comes to things that he takes as his responsibility or duty he is extremely hardworking and will not stop until it is accomplished to the  best of his ability. For those he cares about he is unwaveringly loyal and would go to any length for them and their best interests, this however can make him neglect himself and his wants and desires. His insecurity has always been a driving point for him, causing him to try to compensate for it and making it difficult for him to receive praise or acknowledge his own achievements. He is very much his own worst critic.

Family Information and Background:

    Takumi was raised by his single father, Sen, for most of his life. During this time his father (and himself by extension) were estranged from the Hibiki family due to events that transpired before his birth. His father was never overly loving and the two often had a strained relationship as parenthood was not something Sen anticipated or desired. Despite this, Sen was well meaning but misguided in his attempts to raise Takumi.    

    During his academy years Takumi was a terrible flirt and had little interest in being a ninja or schoolwork. Due to his lack of effort he was held back a year and ended up graduating late. While he was never completely enthused about being a ninja it never occurred to him that there was any other path.

    His early years of being a ninja were much the same, marked with only marginally more effort to get by. This drove his sensei Kurai, crazy as she knew that he was capable of more. When he met Enkou however was when things changed. They didn’t get along well at first but it didn’t take long for the two to become fast friends and Takumi to develop a crush on him. Enkou was intelligent and idealistic, happy and friendly. Things Takumi wished to be himself.

Additional information:

  • Probably Dyslexic

  • Doesn’t see himself living long but wants to do his best for his family until the end.

  • Never learned how to swim, this is on his bucket list of things to do

  • While he used to love performing magic tricks he does so very rarely anymore

  • Wants to make more friends but finds it very difficult with recent events

  • Finds it extremely difficult to hear people talk about love or romance

  • Want to learn how to do something artistic

  • His favorite type of tea is Kukicha


“Even indecision is an action, and I cannot afford to waste any.” (About casting aside his indecisive nature)

“People are often quick to judge and criticise what they themselves do, hypocrisy is everywhere.” (General, though directed towards Enkou)

“Love is beyond painful, and to let go of it is impossible. I do not regret it however.” (About Enkou)

“I regret my violent actions, but the past cannot be changed.” (about killing the Dragon faction girl)

“Intelligence can not be measured by a test or by the eloquence of one’s words. One can say the stupidest things beautifully and the most profound of things simply.” (about Miki)

“Sometimes I wish to just die silently in my sleep.”

Back Tattoos|
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