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Zombie Idol, Sakura! - zombie form

By Lululewd
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Sakura Minamoto is finally here! 
I haven't watched the series myself, but I have seen some few clips during the making of this and can say that it definitely has me interested... x3
I am also finally on winter break, so I'll be sure to make some kind of announcement with plans shortly~

If you would like to support me, please feel free to check out my Patreon and get some totally-awesome perks! (=^・ω・^)y=

Additional variants:
Zombie Idol, Sakura! - zombie form - smelly by Lululewd Zombie Idol, Sakura! by Lululewd Zombie Idol, Sakura! - white socks by Lululewd Zombie Idol, Sakura! - black stockings by Lululewd Zombie Idol, Sakura! - nude stockings by Lululewd Zombie Idol, Sakura! - dirty feet by Lululewd

Artwork by Lululewd
Sakura Minamoto is a character from Zombieland Saga
Created with PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS6
Please do not copy, trace, or steal my work without my permission, thank you!~

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© 2018 - 2021 Lululewd
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Mi-LordoZ's avatar
Her zombie form is so detailed and cute! I really waited to see her in your style!
Lululewd's avatar
Tried to be as accurate as I could be (but to be honest, there is a slight modification in her hair and clothing that I didnt have time to add.. T~T) - in any case, thank you Zed!~
GamePonySly's avatar
TOTALLY PERFECT & DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Mi-LordoZ's avatar
i love the coloring you did for her here!
Zombies need some love too...that is, the cute ones that dont eat brains XD
Lululewd's avatar
Thank you Zed, and I definitely agree with you there~ x3
Zapor666's avatar
Best wersion! No, really, she more cutee and interesting in her zombie form, so, i really happy seen her zombie soles. It still cute!)
Lululewd's avatar
Thank you Zapor! I really like this version too~ ^^
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
Even for a rotting zombie, she still looks very cute. :D But just don't eat my brains, please.
Lululewd's avatar
I doubt she will...!  Enju Grin Icon by Magical-Icon
caca33's avatar
Brutal!! great!
Lululewd's avatar
Brutally cute~
Estinto's avatar
You should definitely give the show a watch. Its awesome.
Lululewd's avatar
Certainly will! o;
Bob754's avatar
Season finale is tomorrow. I don't want to say goodbye to her :(
Lululewd's avatar
The struggles of an anime season ending.. T~T
GoddessJulie's avatar
For a zombie she is quite cute I must say xD
woukd never have imagined she was one lol
Lululewd's avatar
Thanks Julie! she is definitely a cute zombie~ ^^
GoddessJulie's avatar
Wait... that mean I am necrophil if I enjoy this? >o<
Lululewd's avatar
Its fiction~ no way I would be near a zombie IRL, cute or not!
GoddessJulie's avatar
I know I’m kidding. For example I like traps and I hang out with 2 of them irl... oh wait bad example!
Ragnarok-Dragoness's avatar
Oooh the zombie form looks fantastic! x3 Very nice indeed! Great work Lulu! XD
I do recommend you watch the anime! Its pretty funny! XD
Lululewd's avatar
Thanks Caster! will definitely add it to my list, but as for starting it, not sure when.. xD
Karasu-96's avatar
I heard a lot of this show, especially that infamous car scene XD
Lululewd's avatar
Its definitely one of the must-watch animes of the season, I heard~
anonymous's avatar
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