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Rose in Boots

Based on a gift drawing I received awhile back (of which some have you may have seen on my Twitter), here is my part of it featuring Koko's OC Rose, who is a cat boy! 

Also, its my first time drawing some kind of x-ray shoe-feet type of thing...! >>

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Additional variants:
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Artwork by Lululewd
Rose is an original character of Koko
Created with PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS6
Please do not copy, trace, or steal my work without my permission, thank you!~

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© 2020 - 2021 Lululewd
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You should do one without the opaque soles, love seeing uggs

futanaricatlover's avatar
lovely kitty trap, and cute feet too!
Xalxicanoze's avatar
Cat BOY?!

Oh god I am in love with this character immediately <3

Seeing those shoes, now I only want to be trapped inside them with his feet~

Omnioum's avatar
I am as well really hoping for a dirty version.
deathsh's avatar

Cute trap catboy

SuperEpicBlaster101's avatar
Now I really wish for a sweaty version. Oh god i'm too naughty. >ω<
I completely agree, so you're not the only one. 

Anyone have a picture to the original artwork by Koko this is based on? I can't find it. 
SuperEpicBlaster101's avatar
Now I want more pics of "inside the shoe" art from Lulu.
abstertrek's avatar
Hey same here. I wouldn't mind a dirty version since it looks like rose doesn't wear socks
Really like this, fun to see you drawing shoes!
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
Looks like crystal boots, allowing to see everything of her cute feet.

how do i like an image more than once

footicklelvoer2004's avatar
Bests shies i ever seen. Where you bought them? :3
Hermesy's avatar
Mind if I enter in one of the shoes? :3
VyersAmetisto's avatar
D'aww he's such a cutie, you did a nice work there.
The x-ray view is always tantalazing~
It look like there's plenty room in those boots for i dunno, a little tiny ":3
MarcLulamoonPie's avatar
"who is a cat boy! " ya know its a dude
killalot2k's avatar
TekinaChisana's avatar
Being in there might keep me warm in the winter...!
PokemonMaster555's avatar
Now this takes Puss in Boots to a whole new level. XP
Jeffry33's avatar
very good job is amazing
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