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ahh your art is so amazing~!! 0w0
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Oooh, I love the lighting in this one! With the Doctor sort of dark and Missy all bright. <3
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I love this so much! Your art is amazing!!! 
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Thank you very much! Hug 
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I love shipping The Doctor with The Master. They can't just learn to love each other though.
The Master: I refuse. Why would I ever want to be with you?

The Doctor: No, I am who I want to be, and you aren't going to force me to be like you! I am an idiot with a box and a screwdriver and that's me.
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Delgado!Master used to be a lot like Missy, didn't he? It's always that way with them, when one is eager to be bffs again, the other's completely uninterested. Hope there will be an era one day when they're finally on the same page. After all, that can end in a total disaster as well, they don't have to be antagonistic to fuck up a couple of galaxies XD
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xD I honestly agree with you. I haven't watched Roger Delgado's Master at all since I can't find any legal sources to watch it from (yes, there IS dailymotion but that is TECHNICALLY illegal) 
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Hope you find a way one day, because Classic Who is fantastic! :D 
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I bet it is, and Missy is awesome. Your drawings are the best too. (can you draw some more Missy fan art?)
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Thanks! :) 
Idk, maybe, if an idea strikes me :)
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Timelord badasses. I love it!

Now there's a whole story and relationship just in that pose. And you did a fantastic job capturing both of them, they both have such complex faces and you really brought that out (without having to go into nitpicky detail, which makes it even more impressive).
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Thank you! 
They're both so expressive you need no details to capture it. :D
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Brilliant the way the relationship is captured in this and I love the explanations below relating to the tension. They are indeed very complex characters and just as we can love and hate our siblings, parents, other relatives and friends they appear to have taken these feelings many steps further. The doctor's face is cast here in more shadow than Missy's and we know he does indeed have a dark side.  I hope that side is explored even more in future episodes.
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Thank you :) 
I love how it was said that Doctor/Master is basically two sides of the same coin - they're not all that different, really, the Doctor being quite destructive, manipulative and domineering at times, and the Master capable of self-sacrifice and strong affection (towards the Doctor, naturally))). It's a pairing with many layers and baggage and I adore it to no end :)
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Oh yeah, a relationship, childhood friends to frienemies to deadly enemies, to the only ones left of their kind, to enemies to frienemies again.

Centuries of conflict, yet still an inate understanding of each other, even a respect for each other, and both still wishing they could be friends, yet neither wishing to change, it is definitely a very complex relationship. Something only a species as long lived as theirs could create.

In a way, I love that that pose is sort of the reverse, dark side of the Doctor's and River's, "Oh yeah?" "Make me." "Maybe I will." attitudes. Not in a sexy way, but in that push and tug of stronger personalities, tied together, but so completely different and separate. Yet, as you said, also two sides of the same coin.

Time Lord society must be really fascinating.
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I don't know if you meant to paint it intentionally but the tension between them is so hot! Again, one of my fav's
luluha's avatar
Thank you! And that's totally intentional! :) 
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I love the intimate closeness without it being overly romantic feel of this piece. It almost perfectly captures the two's relationship and personalities. :)

Also, is it alright if I add this work to my new group Say-Something-Nice? And you can join if you want! :)
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Thank you! 
I don't see them romantic at all, tbh, there's plenty of other things about them more fascinating than romance. :)

Yeah, go ahead. :)
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I support them as a couple, but I see what you mean. :)

And thank you. :)
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Oh don't be mistaken, I ship and have always shipped them like burning, I just think there's a lot more going on besides romance))) 
angelicroses37's avatar
Agreed. They've always seemed to have some sort of tension about them even back when the Master was a man. From the suggestive dialogue, the odd behavior sometimes exhibited from either side and the fact that there are even some people - like the Rani and Jo, perhaps - in the show and in real life who ship them! From the fans and the cast and crew, it's  impossible to deny that something must have gone down when they were younger, almost like how two people loved each other in their teenage years only for one of them to do something like move away and thus, they become distant but the feelings never quite went away. Except in this case, the "moving away" is going insane and thus murdering and manipulating people while attempting to take over the universe and the "loved each other in their teenage years" we've never really seen or heard too much about in the canon universe. But considering the fact that although they've both tried to kill each other countless times, they still consider themselves really close friends that care for and even respect each other. They're just on opposing sides, as Steven Moffat would say.

This tension only grows stronger when the Master regenerates into a woman and becomes the Mistress aka Missy.

As such, she's adopted a flirty and feminine personality that greater exploits the tension that's already between her and the Doctor, as evidenced by her snogging him, not objecting to him kissing her in the graveyard, suddenly wanting her old friend back when the other Master's didn't seem to really care about that and even calling him her "boyfriend" who "love's her so much" to the Half-Face Man!

But at the same time, it's just as you and Missy herself said: There's more going on.

Our "primitive brains", as Missy called it, couldn't "comprehend" how "complex" her's and the Doctor's relationship is and I suppose, in a way, she's right. After all, they aren't human and are superior to us in quite a lot of ways, including what they consider relationships, love, friendship, sexual tension, lust and all that. So it's almost like their relationship is a combination of love (i.e. when they were younger and the Master wasn't insane), friendship (i.e. they still consider themselves friends even all they've been through with and without each other), sexual tension (i.e. the suggestive dialogue and odd behavior), lust (i.e. Missy snogging the Doctor without his consent and perhaps some other off-screen moments like when they were younger) and other such things.

So in short, yes, some sort of romantic tension is and has always been there but it's not just about the romance and perhaps sex like it would be with us. I sincerely hope we see more of this on-off friendship and tension between them even long after Michelle Gomez retires as Missy and she perhaps becomes a man again. :)

Thank you for listening to my ramblings. :XD: And for also allowing me to use this piece in my group. :hug:
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I can't comprehend my love for this,
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Thank you very much! ^__^
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