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Luluartis's Profile Picture
Lucy ( Lucia)
Hello there I am just girl who tries to draw. I draw traditionally and digitaly as well. I also try to animate :)
deviantID by Art-sia :3
YXou can call me Lucy, Lucia or Aya xD

Requests: Nope just if you are god friend of mine.
Art trades: probably no but ask anyway
Commissions: OPEN

To do:
-few MAP parts
-At with BlueSpiritWolf
-AT with Sandstar on Amino

waiting on:
-AT with CristalWolf567
-At with Sandstar on Amino
-parts for my MAPs

What programs do you use?
-I use Photoshop CS6 for drawing and animating, Animate CC for animating and Movie Maker for editing

Will you join my MAP?
-Maybe. Depends on type of MAP and depends on how much work i have right now

How old are you?
-I am 15 (2002)

Can we be friends?
-Well friendship isnt that easy. You have to know me first and I have to know you. Feel free to note me or anything if you want to talk I always try to respond

Can we rp?
-I am mostly open to rps so yes.

Will you join my group?
-Depends on type of group


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EBC/ Banshee by Luluartis
tick Romantic
tick  Family
Question mark  Half-siblings
Question mark  Adoptive Family 
tick Friendships
tick  Rivals
tick  Enemies

Possible plots: Well I'd like to make her some friends though :) And I would like to find a mate for her but everything has time
EBC/ Banshee

General Information

Name: Banshee

Rank: Gladiator

Age: 3y 6m (March 2018)

Birthday: 19.October, 47 BC

Species: Snow Leopard

Physical Description: Banshee has massive  figure and strong built. Fluffy fur covers her  neck and tail but on the back and belly its getting thiner. The fur is light grey, almost white colored, with darker but still light grey shading.  Whole body is covered with grey and dark grey clouds and spots. Fluffy tail contains regular grey markings. Her head is also covered with amrkings, starting with light grey on her muzzle, with darker spots. There isn " arrow" marking on her forehead and dark grey triangle under the cold blue eyes. Ears are completely dark  as well as her paws.  There is a scar across her muzzle.

Armor: She wears a long Dark turquoise cloak covering almost whole of her body fixed with blooish circular crystal stone.

Dominant: long tail, thick fur on the neck and tail, dark paws

Recessive: blue eyes, pale grey fur color, slim body

white rosettes, short tail, yellow eyes


Protective: Banshee would protect everyone she loves if something might happen because she cares much about her family and friends. She would do anythign to protect them

Reliable: She always keeps her promises and that make her the right cat who you can count on in any situation

Mistrustful: Banshee has been trough a lot and thats why she is often unsure if she can trust someone. She has to be sure, the person doesnt want to hurt her some way thats why getting her fully trust its harder.

Suspicious: She suspects almost everyone who could by any chance done something wrong and often she became paranoid about suspecting others, thats why Banshee dont trust almost anyone.

Closed: Talking about her feelings or history is nothing for her. Banshee doesnt speak much things about herself if its something she doesnt really like 'bout her.

Self sacrifising:  If Banshee cares about someone, she would put her own life, her own hapinnes for him, just make him feel better, no matter what it takes her.


Banshee and her siblings Hysi and Sia were born in the wildness. As the cubs were only some weeks old humans caught her whole family. They travelled for months before they arrived in Massilia. The whole family was bought by a rich man who kept his cat's in his dark cellar. Soon their Father, Naurins, was getting trained and two months later he had his first coliseum fight, which he won. Soon Naurins changed into a cold-hearted killer. He won many fights in the arena, and brought much money for their owner. He blow up with pride, and he didn't cared for his family anymore. 
    After the cubs turned 4 months old, their owner took each cub out of their cage and started beating them. Banshee was crying for help, she wanted to go back to her mother. The human didnt care much about Banshee hiding behind her mother, but his intention was her sister Sia. Banshee just wanched how the human beats her and she started to hate humans .
    As two months passed, the human found no more use of tBanshee's mother. He took her, and she never came back. They didnt have mother anymore but they at least hhad each other. Banshee and Hysi were often playing and talking much. But they sister Sia never. And if she did, then it never ended up good. And as number of bad plays was rising, Banshee started to refusing Sia to play with them. She still had Hysi, so she didnt care much.  One day, Hysi And Banshee were lying and taking all the place, when Sia came.
"Leave!" said Sia to Hysi. Banshee was watching it in silence Hysi opened her eyes but didn't cared. And even what for? Thought Banshee. She never cares about us. "Get up and move Hysi!" Sia said . This has been enough. Banshee stood up and said "Who do you think you are! You don't even talk to us, only if you want us to give you place! You just lie there in your corner and do nothing. You don't even move! You're our sister, and you shouldn't talk to us like that! What do you think how we feel!?" Her last words turned into growls. 
"So you think I don't care how you feel!? I do! If I wouldn't, you would have gotten the same I get every day! I get beaten all day, so you don't! I give everything for this human, so he doesn't take you too!" Sia growled back. Yes this is definitely true. banshee rolled her eyes.
"Yeah yeah, if you say so... I can guess what you get from that human. You don't even have wounds on you when you turn back. I am sure you're his PET" she growled and looked straight into Sia's eyes.
"You think so...? I will show you what I feel when I am out there!"  yelled Sia and attacked Banshee. Banshee could barely fight back,she didnt know how. Banshee's tears started streaming down her face as Sia scratched her muzzle deeply. Banshee screamed out but it didnt help. In her eyes, her own sister almost killed her. If there wasnt their owner, banshee would be definitely dead. Banshee didnt even spoke to her anymore from then.
About a year passed and Sia never came back. What happened? Wondered Banshee. She didnt mind her not coming, she still had the scar from her scrach, but it was kind of weird. Once, the human came there for Hysi. Banshee stood over her sister and growled when he tried to take Hysi with him. No, you wont touch her! The human made move forward and Banshee attacked him.
" Run!" she shouted at Hysi. Sister started running away but Banshee never foudn out, if she made it. Huamn fell down. He wasnt dead but Banshee at least got some time. She fled and ran as fast as never before. If she had any suspision they were following her, she tried to fasten even more.
When it was finally over, banshee lied exhausted on the ground. SHe could hear some steps, but could even look there. She woke up lately and seen the old cheetah standing over her.
" You okey?" Aske dcheetah. Banshee nodded, but she couldnt hide her fear. "L Chill. Not going to hurt you." Said cheetah but Banshee still didnt trust him. As days passed she decided to stay with him. She found out, cheetah's name was Eiwaz. This old cat agreed to learn her how to fight. That was great, because Banshee didnt want to feel useless anymore. she didnt want just watch someone dying or whenever. At evenings they were talking to each other and Eiwaz told her about great Empires. Yougn Banshee was so excited about them. Year passed and once Eiwaz wenton a hunt he never come back. Banshee waited for him for weeks but  then she finally realised he is never goign to come back. She was broken. Eiwaz was her only friend. 
Banshee didnt have clue what to do know, but once she saw a stranger standing inf ront of her. He was from the Ice Empire and agreed she can join them. Banshee was hoping she"ll finaly find her home.

Relations: (family ties)

-- Giywa | Deceased 
-- Naurins | Deceased
--Hysi | Alive (NPC) 
-- Sia / alive

Adoptive Family


Bullet; White = Neutral
Bullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow = Crush
Bullet; Pink = Love
Bullet; Red = Dislike/Hate
Bullet; Orange = Family
Bullet; Black = Jealous
Bullet; Purple = Respect
Wanna help me a bit with a MAp? I just opened thumnail contest! Draw thumbnail for my MAp and I will choose the best
 1st place - Will be used in a MAP,  and you get fullbody drawign from me
2th place- Will be credited in the MAp, and you get headshot from me
3th place- Will be credited in the MAP

1. YOu dont have to ask, just draw it and send me  a drawing somewhere
3. Thumbnail should inculde Blusetar, with my design and then whetever you want. If you do the night sky, do purple colors
4. It as to include name of the MAP ( Cartouche Bluestar MAP ) and maybe host ( Luluartis)
5. Deadlien is until parts are finished.

Enjoy :)

and MAP
Hey guys look at them, arent they amazing? Colors, everything, just wow! Be sure to check them out. Those adoptables are StarCanid's and they are just wow

Also check Star's profile she is an amazing artist

What are you starring at, dumbass?
Here he is :) Character from our book, Stain the talking weird oriental angry cat. Yeah he hates the world xD Oh and yes, I got him from my dear friend

Nici-wolf     which is also the one who i write the book with :)

I was kind of experimenting with this, I can say it could be better, it always can, but I am satisfied

This is theme song for him lol:…
From on hight
Sound the bugle now - play it just for me
As the seasons change - remember how I used to be
Now I can't go on - I can't even start
I've got nothing left - just an empty heart

I'm a soldier - wounded so I must give up the fight
There's nothing more for me - lead me away...
Or leave me lying here

Sound the bugle now - tell them I don't care
There's not a road I know - that leads to anywhere
Without a light feat that I will - stumble in the dark
Lay right down - decide not to go on

Then from on hight - somewhere in the distance
There's a voice that calls - remember who your are
If you lose yourself - your courage soon will follow

So be strong tonight - remember who you are
Ya you're a soldier now - fighting in a battle
To be free once more -Ya that's worth fighting for…

my little girl Lucolly remembering her friends

Lucolly by me
Zaira by me
Theo by MTV
Nicolly by Nici-wolf

Art by me



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

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Question mark  Unsure

EBC/ Banshee by Luluartis
tick Romantic
tick  Family
Question mark  Half-siblings
Question mark  Adoptive Family 
tick Friendships
tick  Rivals
tick  Enemies

Possible plots: Well I'd like to make her some friends though :) And I would like to find a mate for her but everything has time



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