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Plans for future
The weather was as nice as it could be, at this time of year anyway. Jonathan was secretly worried about the forecast which showed storms, but the sky was clear so far and his companions were clearly enjoying the walk. They left the Pokémon centrum where Abelia was recovering until a few days ago and they finally continued their adventure. Personally, Jonathan couldn´t wait to cross way of the Pokémon Pinchers again and settle the score for Abelia´s broken legs.
“It´s lovely to be able to walk again,” Abelia commented, as if reading his mind. She was barefoot and bouncing slightly as she walked at Jonathan side. “Dewott is enjoying the walk too.”
That was true. Jonathan´s Pokémon was trotting at his trainer´s side and occasionally slipped under Abelia´s feet. She had to make sure not to step on it, but she seemed to find it quite a funny task. Jonathan was glad to see this positive side of his fri
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Art of composition
Create, form, twist and bend, fit the matter to your will
When you play with laws of world, don´t forget the bill
Nothing is free in the equivalent exchange and all has cost
No matter how much appearance changes, nothing is lost
For every atom of oxygen there are hydrogenes waiting
to form water then rain then puddle and rivers creating
All ways lead in circles but you can choose where it starts
That´s the creativity, that´s imagination, those are true arts
Twist and bend,
Choose where the circle has its end.
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10 krokov vpred
Neotáčať sa
Krok za krokom
Ísť za novým životom
Robiť veci inak, možno lepšie
Minulosť nechať za sebou spať samu
Zabudnúť, necítiť, netrúchliť, len a len ísť
Dúfať, aspoň trochu – báť sa, ale nie priveľmi
Otvoriť oči a vidieť cesty idúce všetkými smermi naraz
Každá inde. Každá vpred. Každá k nádeji na lepší zajtrajšok
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One path has ended right under my feet
Now there are new ways for me to meet
I don´t know, the future is behind corner
Some things might change from the former
The sweet pain of not knowing brings hope
And all that´s left now is to somehow cope
Wondering, hesitant, excited, afraid and free
Safe in solitude of my own problems, of me
There is no way back and that´s maturity
I soar in this amazing feel of insecurity
Their hold on my melts like ice in volcano
I see future now, to memories I say oh no
Both are forgotten here where I´m standing
The life is starting now, the past is ending
Let´s go.
Can´t wait to trip, and fall and bleed
For freedom to fail is what I truly need
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What friends are for
“This is infuriating!” Abelia exclaimed. “You think that I´m resting? Try imagining lying around in the bed whole day!”
“All right, all right,” Jonathan raised his hands in soothing gesture and took a step back. “I get it.”
“No you don´t.” Abelia glared at him over her blue casts.
“Okay, I don´t,” Jonathan agreed immediately, not wanting to enrage his frustrated friend even more. “Let me just get you some snack, all right?”
Abelia shrugged and leant back into her pillows. “Whatever.”
“Right.” Hesitantly, Jonathan turned around and left the room. They were staying in a small local Pokémon Centrum after a battle with Pokémon Pinchers which went royally wrong. At least wrong for Abelia, Jonathan managed to get out of it with only a few bruises.
Shaking his head, Jonathan put his hands into his pockets. He was
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Haiku - lampions
colourful glowing
globes of light caught in the air
joy of paper suns
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Gift for TiggTigg by lulu-illussions Gift for TiggTigg :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 6 3
Gotta catch them all
This was the day, Jonathan could feel it. This time, he would surely manage to catch Relicanth. He got unlucky before, but this time, he wouldn´t fail. He was more experienced now and his Poliwrath evolved into even more badass form. Together, they´ll surely beat Relicanth and capture it!
Determined to succeed this time, despite his opponent would be powerful and skilled Relicanth, Jonathan marched the beach of Dolce Island. This was the part of Oblivia archipelago where Relicanths were witnessed and usually lived, so this was the best place to try to find one. Relicanths usually lived in lagoons scattered around Dolce Island, so it could take some time until Jonathan would run into one, but with his evolved Pokémon and new trainer experience, he was confident to reach his goal this time.
His best friend Abelia was more sceptical about it, knowing Relicanths to be especially skilled wild Pokémon, but even she cheered Jonathan in her own calm way. While
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like totality
hellish place where nothing lives
and everything dies
like ugly yellow
sky burning without any air
no sun among cloud
like morbid past of
only living monsters ´round
screaming gore and death
like undoing force
destructing all it its path
pure annihilation
like last heirs of chaos
who always hunt, never stop
endless Auphe nightmare
like unreal gleaming
of thousands metal teeth mirroring
crazy hungry grins
like sin red as blood
scarlet like burning eyes of
the first true monsters
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Hidden temple
The day started with thrill of new adventure. Today, Jonathan and Abelia planned to explore an abandoned temple which they found of their journey. It wasn´t the first ancient place they visited, but this temple was dedicated to Legendary Pokémon Suicune. Hopefully they would be able to find some information about the Legendary Pokémon there, maybe even some traces of former inhabitants.
“Come on, Abelia,” Jonathan hurried his friend. “I want to see if there are any Pokémon still living in the temple.” He was feeling in his bones that something was waiting for them in the temple. Maybe it was some inner instinct which Jonathan inherited by being a son of archaeologist. He was always curious about old places too.
Gray-haired girl slowly followed him to the entrance. Out of the pair, Abelia was more patient, but she wanted to explore just as much as Jonathan. She lacked enthusiasm for ancient places, but she wanted to know more abo
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it would be nice to just drown
to disappear among the town
to forget all pains of living
to feeling nothing unforgiving
they say that time heals it all
but universe rolls by different law
what future matters compared to past
full of pains and scars that will last?
hope is lie made by blind
present is poison for dumb
future is too far away to care
void is close to those who dare
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 8 7
Little dark
It´s a little cold in here
in depths of my mind
thoughts are feezing right
as they appear in the blackness
It´s a little quiet in here
when even worries slow down
moving through space full of fog
thick mist, wordless and sticky
It´s a little lonely in here
no memories of better times
only one single ugly word
all others disappeared in void
It´s a little breathless in here
and every inhale tastes of nothing
nothing at all but weight
and chest lifts again in vain
It´s a little sad in here
helplessness consumes it all
even sparks of anger go out
unnoticed and sort of blue
It´s a little dark in here
just a little nothing
and little too much
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 10 0
Mature content
Rise of the demon :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 4 16
Don't close your eyes
“So, what´s the next dare?” Rodney asked with honest curiosity. He and his friends from high school made it their tradition to do a random dare every time they had vacations or a free weekend and this was both.
Usually, the dare was something small and stupid, like covering neighbour´s house with Christmas lights in the middle of July. This time, however, they had a full weekend to themselves. Hence they decided to change the settings at the were they usually searched for their dare. After all, Alice´s father borrowed his car to her, so they could go further than to neighbours.
“Searching,” Billy retorted. He was so hunched over the laptop that his messy dark hair was falling into his face, obscuring half of his view.
Alice was leaning over his shoulder and twisting a strand of her long brown hair around her finger. There was no room for Rodney to lean in too, so he was pacing behind his friends´ backs.
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Mature content
Evil superwoman :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 7 0
Mature content
Change for better or for worse :iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 4 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Check my COMMISSIONS.:typerhappy:

What I write:
* original stories
* stories about your OCs
* fanfiction (depends on fandom, but we can still discuss it)
* mature content (as long as it´s not porn)

PAYMENT METHOD: da points or PayPal

SUMMER SALE until 31. August! :new:SALE:new:

If you´re interested in commissioning me, just send me note and we´ll discuss details.

Examples of my literature comissions:…


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Would you like to read about your favourite characters? To see your OCs in story which would be exactly like you want? This is your chance to get a story commission of almost any genre!

Since I began taking commissions, I gained quite numerous experience with writing stories on request (over 80 sold story commissions). Now, I´m accepting both points and PayPal as payment. All details, prices and examples can be seen below.

:new: Summer sale offer starts today and ends on 31. August 2018, so hurry to grab some cool discount.:D All new prices will be marked with :new:SALE:new:.

To commission me, send me a note with following information:

- type of commission: prose (+ length of story) / poetry (+ type of poem)
- description of what you want (of theme, characters, plot ideas...)
- payment preference: :points: or PayPal


Terms of service:

* I don´t have to accept commission 
* full payment before I start working on commission (after I accept the commission)
* full refunds only if you cancel commission before I start writing it, otherwise I only  refund part of payment (depending on how much I already wrote) 
* I keep promised deadlines, but if something serious happens, I can take longer to finish your commission (you´ll get noted about it asap)

What I write:
* original stories
* stories about your OCs
* fanfiction (depends on fandom, but we can still discuss it)
* mature contents except of too explicit scenes 

What I don´t write:
* anything that I find ideologically sensitive, insulting or illegal
* porn or too explicit things (kissing, cuddling and stuff is okay)
* too much gore/violence 
* visual novels (never tried, not really interested into)

Prices for prose - points/PayPal:

* short story (about 500-800 words) = 150:points:  :new:SALE:new:
* 1000-3000 words: every 1000 words = 300:points: = 3€
* 4000-7000: every 1000 words = 600:points: = 6€
* 8000 words and more: every 1000 words = 800:points: = 8€ :new:SALE:new:

Examples of stories I wrote on requests:


Prices for poetry - points only:

* haiku = 10:points: :new:SALE:new:
* short poem (you can chose between rhymed or free verse) = 20:points: :new:SALE:new:
* poem with specific form (price depends on how complicated form you want) = 20-40:points: :new:SALE:new:

Examples of poetry:


If you´re interested in commissioning me, just send me note and we´ll discuss details.

Open slots for long stories (1000 words and more): 
1. :iconjusticegundam: - 2700 words - PAID - deadline: 30.7.2018
2. :icondestiny-moonfire: - 1000 words - PAID - deadline: 26.7.2018

Open slots for short stories (500-800 words): 
1. :iconjenniru: - 600-700 words - PAID - deadline: 17.7.2018 (stash) - DONE

Open slots for poetry:


Story commish payment
Payment for specific person.


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